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A recap of the wknd (yesterday's entry - my bad!)

It's so fun eating over ripe strawberries while wearing white pants. Challenging.

So this past weekend turned out differently than planned. I'll start with Thursday. T and I finally got to go see Monster In-Law with J-Lo. The movie was actually pretty good. Being a Thursday night the theatre had quite a few people. For the first time in a while I had to leave the theatre partway through the movie to go to the little girl's room. After the movie it was pretty much a given that we do a little shopping since we were at the mall anyway. I bought a top and a skirt. I don't wear skirts. But it fit and was $12. Guess I'll be wearing a skirt sometime in the future. I'm guessing for my brother's rehearsal dinner - we'll see.

Friday I lazed around in bed till ten and then got up and lazed around some more and then finally got my butt in gear and went to the gym. It must be a Friday thing since that's the last time I went also. After my hour and a half workout (go me!) I did some quick shopping and headed home to have some lunch and wash some floors. Keith slept the day away and didn't wake up till 6 when I went over to his place to make sure he was still alive - it was HOT! Dinner was bought at our noodle place since neither of us wanted to cook.

Saturday I got up around noon but I was up at 8am when Keith dropped off some hotdog buns that I needed and we chatted for a while and he left with my car while I tried to get back in the sleep zone. I showered, started to make lunch then got a call that S was downstairs so I shared my lunch of tomato soup with her. We hung out at my place waiting for the future sil to arrive (she got caught in TO traffic with NO air conditioning!). The poor thing had heat stroke symptoms so we cooled her off and she took some pills. A while later we loaded down S's car and headed to T's to start our night of fun. We started off with margaritas (courtesy of S but technically me since it was my b-day gift to her). Ironically again S didn't bring booze! I'm starting to worry about her. I don't know if she's that broke or just takes for granted that I'll always provide the hooch?

After our margaritas we decided we should call the strip joint to see what time the show started. There was no show. There were no strippers. They no longer had them. So we called the place in Guelph. There were no male strippers during the months of June, July and August! We then got the phone book out and the internet going - nothin'. Zip, zero, zilch. No penises anywhere!

By this time C had arrived, with her coffee of course and remembered a place in Brampton (over an hour away). We called and were rewarded with the news that there were in fact male strippers and they would be performing that night. We got ourselves dolled up and headed on the highway. The plan was for the sil to drive (she was sober) and once there I would not drink while we got her sauced and I would DD us home. We were making good time having left at 9:30 when BAM we hit a wall - not literally - but there we sat on the 401 for over 2 HOURS in traffic. It seems there was an accident with casualties and all lanes were closed. So there we crawled with no air con. We made the best of it by making 'friends' with the people in other cars who were brave enough to talk to 4 whored out women - 2 who were very sauced.

After finally getting off the highway and stopping for a quick pee break we headed back on another highway - alternate route only to get lost. By this time it was 12:20 and the male dancers were only going to be dancing till 1am. We were still at least 40 minutes away. We made the executive decision to give up our quest and went to a bar in Guelph instead. First thing I did was buy my sil a shot and a drink asap. From there she had more booze than she knew what to do with! She was shaking her groove thing and getting drinks left right and centre! S and T were also working their groove magic and getting some bevies as well. My ego didnít take a beating as I too had men trying to buy me drinks but I was the DD so I refused. By the end of the night the place had livened up and we were all shaking our groove things on the dance floor and having a pretty good time. I was just so relieved that my sil's bachlorette partty wasn't a bust! She had an excellent time even if she didn't have some guy sticking his package in her face!

Sunday the girls were only slightly hungover and we finally managed to make it out around noon to have some lunch/breakfast. Afterwards we stopped at Shoppers and I somehow got roped into buying some hair dye (I had dyed my hair Friday night but there was no difference except the gray was gone). So we dyed my hair again (darker color) but we also dyed S's hair with the same bottle - bad mistake. I have thick long hair so I could have used the whole bottle but I had to share (bitter me?). So the end result was my hair is a little darker but honestly the difference isn't all that noticeable. 2 hair dyes in 2 days and I still can't see the difference! That took most of the afternoon and then around 5 we all decided to call it a day and head our separate ways. Over all I'd call the weekend a success!

I think I take it for granted that I have such an awesome sister in law to be. My other sil is great too but I was friends with her before she met my brother so there wasn't that awkward getting to know you deal. The future sil is kooky, silly and a lot of fun. I definitely lucked out!

10:44 a.m. - 2005-06-14


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