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The last entry...of July that is!

There's something liberating about messing up your hair rather than tidying. I used to grab all my hair and pull it back into a ponytail, making sure there were no stray strands sticking out. But now…now…I stick my fingers in my hair and muss it up. It's great! Messy hair rocks!

Yah so I've been slacking on writing an entry. I have been trying I start an entry but never get back to finish it.

Next week should hopefully be a little less crazy. I'll be downstairs at reception all by my lonesome for the whole week. I'm actually looking forward to it. Although if it's busy I may regret saying that!

So last weekend S made it down to try on her bridesmaid gown and buy some stylin' shoes for said gown. I also found a pair - kind of plain - so we bedazzled them with some fake jewels - S is handy with super glue! It helps to have an artistic person for your maid of honour. She also did some drawings of how the wedding area can look. Handy I tell ya.

We also did some drinking Saturday night. We started at Keith's and ended over at T's. The funny part is T left to go pick up her guy and didn't get home till 3am. We had crashed out by then. Me earlier than Keith and S cause I started feeling ill after the swim in the pool. It feels good to be with a guy who I can trust. I used to be super paranoid about leaving my boyfriends with my friends (that started with my first boyfriend who I really couldn't trust around my friends - oh the memories). Yah so anyway that was a good feeling. Plus you know if I felt any differently that could be very bad considering I'm marrying the guy!

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Although S and I did have lunch with my ex - Navy Boy. He's in town for the week visiting family. He's still as charming as ever (I'm being sarcastic here). That guy is just so bitter! S and I were kind of brutal in our honesty with him. We told him how he is and how it affects others. I doubt any of it penetrated but at least we got it out in the open.
Well it's several hours later…time flies! So I’m gonna post this and get the heck out of here - the start of a long weekend! Woo. Although we have nothing planned and Keith has to work for most of it. But, hey, I'm not at work! I'm hoping to talk Keith into going to the Drive In that would be keen. And technically I'm supposed to get those pesky invitations in the mail by next week! Oy vey.

Goodbye July.

4:08 p.m. - 2005-07-29


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