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What a weekend. Yowzer.

So Friday after work I went home and started packing some more boxes until it was time to get ready. T was kind enough to take photos of Keith and I that hopefully we can use in some capacity at our wedding. I haven't had a chance to check the photos out to see how they turned out cause we were losing light fast. After the photos we were invited over to T's to celebrate her man's b-day. So Keith and I headed to the mall picked up our rings, picked up a gift for her boy, then grabbed a quick fast food bite to eat before heading home to change out of our pretty clothes. We arrived at T's and the first thing I noticed was her boy's truck missing from the driveway. That should have rang a bell. It wasn't till I saw my friend S running towards the door to open it that I realized something was amiss. It seems my cute friends had thrown me a last minute surprise party - an intimate affair with just T and S there (C couldn't make it). My brother and new sil were the other guests invited but traffic had delayed them. It was a great night. We sat outside had some munchies, a few drinks, opened a few presents, moved the party inside and ended the night around 1am.

Of course, once back at my place all hell broke loose cause my place looked like a bomb went off (remember the packing I stared after work?). Yah so I had to make a tunnel so that people could move around. Then I had to make room for an air mattress in the middle of my living room. S and my sil were biting at the chomp to pack my boxes for me. Nice offer but I need to do it on my own. If I was moving like an ordinary person - as in packing and unpacking all the boxes - then having them help me would be good. But I have to pack all my boxes carefully cause there's different stages all the boxes are going to be opened and I want to go through all paper stuff before packing any of it. All they saw was clutter and wanted to help but really they were stressing me out even more.

We eventually headed off to sleep around 3am. I got a wake up call at 10 from my mom and then again half an hour later so sleeping in wasn't gonna happen for me. Old habits die hard cause I kind of omitted the fact that my brother and sil were down visiting cause I wasn't sure if they wanted them to know. I don't know it was early, I was suffering from lack of sleep. Whatevah. Too many years of lying having taken there toll I don't know when to tell the truth anymore!

So anyway the rest of Saturday passed by with a visit to St Jacobs to check out the Market and the site of my upcoming wedding. We were all zonked from our early morning rising that we had to take a nap at 4. It was good times except Keith came over and I spent the time chatting with him rather than napping -no sleep for me. We loaded up a car at 6 and the girls took off for their night o' fun.

I wasn't sure what to expect cause on Friday I was feeling a little unsettled about the whole 'male dancers' part of the evening. I was told the place we were going to was open now (it was shut in the summer) but not trusting this info I called the place for myself and found out lo and behold the place was still closed! The closest place to see the men was an hour away - once C was told this she told T that she wouldn't go with us. Which of course is code word for 'drama'. I also found out on the way over to C's that she was babysitting her great niece who is 3. I was less than thrilled.

But as thing often do, the evening turned out to be great. C's great niece was adorable and only stayed with us for about half an hour. After that we proceeded to try and get our drink on while whoring ourselves up for the night. 5 of us girls hopped in the car and hit the highway to the male dancers an hour away. C was actually cool about it all. She looked up directions for us and we made plans to meet her at the country bar in a few hours. With a few minor glitches we found the bar containing the naked men and proceeded to have some fun. I would go into detail but the man reads this so suffice to say we all had a great time but only stayed for an hour due to time plus it was damn expensive to drink and hot as sin in there. I did get up on the stage at one point for a contest (I didn't know at the time that's why I was getting up there). The girls on stage had to do their best 'fake orgasm' sounds for 10 seconds. There were 8 of us and I was number 7. Most of the girls ahead of me rocked and there was no way I could beat them (they were grinding the guy running the contest, humping him etc. it was insane). So I told the guy I was a virgin and screamed "OW" the whole time while trying to make it sound like I was coming. Good times. I got quite a few chuckles from my 'performance'. I did win a cute teddybear that was well 'endowed' if ya know what I mean! Afterwards the girls and I were joking around that I should have used one of the other girls as props and had a fake O that way! That would have been hilarious!

Yah so after our male experience there we headed back to Guelph and met up with C to head down to the country bar. The rest of the night passed in a blur. I love to dance but only to country music. So I drank and danced and met new people - wearing a veil just invites people to come up and talk to you I found out. Oh yah that's our tradition when having a bachlorette party - we make the bride to be wear a wedding veil that I bought at a value village for S's wedding 2 years ago. It's actually a damn fine veil that kicks all other veil's asses out there and I'm not just bias!

Yah so we closed the bar down and were home around 3:45am. My night was spent trying not to puke. I did succeed! For my own records I have to record what I drank (half a glass of long island ice tea, 2 watermelon martinis, a Rev, a blue lagoon shot, a shot version of the watermelon martini, an orgasm shot, a beer, a raspberry cooler…I think that's all…although the memory is a little fuzzy at the bar). I felt like crap all day Sunday and had wicked acid problems in the tummy. My boy was not so lucky in the hangover department. Yup him and my brother got their drunk on and had some fun of their own - involving strippers! Practice for his bachelor party or so he says. All I can say is payback is a bitch….looks like I'll be partying on the 24th also! He he.

Yah so that was my weekend. It was crazy, it was insane, it was GREAT! And every once in a while I would scream out, "Holy Crap I'm getting married!!!" Yah it hits ya big time - maybe it was the whole walking around in a veil thing!

But now back to reality. Back to wedding planning, last minute details and packing. Woo. Pass the antacids.

4:47 p.m. - 2005-09-12


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