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Should I make a 'to-do' list for my to-do list?

I almost feel like my body is humming. As if Iíve had too much caffeine. But Iíve felt like that since I arrived at work so caffeine overload isnít possible. Adrenaline. Itís been non stop since I got to work this morning. In one way itís good cause time is passing rather quickly but in the state Iím in these days itís kind of overwhelming. I need my Ďquiet timeí in order to reflect and think about what I have yet to do. At this fast pace I get a little too wound up. Thank God tomorrow is my last day. This place is driving me nuts. I want to hurt my boss so that canít be good. Iím too busy in all aspects of my life to deal with all the bs flying around here.

So last night I had a weird dream. My interpretation? I need shampoo. You see it was the day of my wedding and I was in a strange house (I will be in a strange hotel so same thing) and I was trying to find shampoo cause I didnít pack any and the place I was at didnít have any. I was panicking so finally my older brother found me dish soapÖ.dish soapÖ.um yah. So I think I better go stock up on shampoo and remember to bring it along for my wedding. Did I mention that during my dream I realized that it wasnít the day of my wedding it was the day of my hair appointment for my pretrial up-do. Which I really am going to this Saturday. Message to brainÖ.take it easy for the next few days okay?

So Iím now the proud owner of seasons 1 Ė 5 of Sex and the City. I bought most at Walymart cause theyíre cheaper than anywhere else. I love me some Sex and the City!

The other night me and my boy went out for Japanese. I had a gift certificate that we had to use by the end of the month. The place turned out to be great. We spent twice as much as the gc but had an awesome meal. I walked away totally stuffed. I had deep fried ice cream for the first time. Interesting but I wouldnít go out of my way to get it again.

Keith is having some problems with his bachelor party. I guess we were destined not to have an easy go of our wild nights out. He essentially has to phone all the people and see if theyíre coming cause his best man is a wanker (just my biased opinion). Iím sorry but thereís nothing worse than planning your own party Ė especially when itís supposed to be done by someone else!

Aunt Flo stepped up to the plate and came early bless her little heart. My worst fear was having her as a guest the weekend of my wedding. I did plan around it but ya just never know.

Tonight is Survivor but thereís no hoopla going on for it. People are busy and sick. Itís okay by me cause seriously I just gotta concentrate on my own agenda right now.

C called me last night and told me to tell everyone and anyone when they ask anything of me to say ďItís all about me, leave me alone!Ē. Iím starting to think thatís a pretty good idea! Wonder how my boss will take it.

Iíve been trying those Crest White Strips the last few days. Iím not noticing much difference. I donít know if my teeth arenít bad enough for them or if they donít work that well. Iím guessing the latter.

C also told me that whatever I do I must not stay home this Saturday while Keith is out partying it up. I couldnít care less but I did ask T if she wanted to hang out so weíll see how that pans out. Although to be honest I could use a few drinks and soon!

I think thatís all thatís rambling in my brain at the moment (besides the 101 details I keep meaning to take care of!).

Oh yah I did get to vent last night about the bs I went through with my new bank when I switched accounts. I didnít do my famous ďsheís not hereĒ line when a solicitor called last night asking for me. Iím glad I didnít cause my bank was doing a random survey on how happy their clients are. Venting is good, especially to the right people! This might also take one thing off my to-do list Ė I was going to write the bank a letter about the hassle I went through especially since Iím $50 poorer thanks to improper information. But itís on my to do list Ďafter the weddingí. Le sigh.

12:27 p.m. - 2005-09-22


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