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The first entry of ' cliche!

*Poof* just like that it's a new year! Man I feel old.

Today definatly feels like a Monday, it's messing with my head. It was all I could do to drag myself into work after sleeping a fitful 5 hours. Once there I found out 3 of my co-worker's called in sick - piss-ants.

Um so yah I shall be heading directly to bed after this brief entry! I will not stay up searching for the lost Abb@ tickets we have for sometime this month or the expensive spa tickets I bought for myself T and C. Nope I will go directly to bed. Hmmph.

So ringing in '08 turned out to be pretty damn fun. It was a small intimate party with just 7 of us. At least I'm not the only person to have small parties! But it turned out to be an awesome night. All the gals dolled up somewhat and T made some awesome eats and there was liquor galore. In between eating and drinking we watched a funny movie and then it was time for hot tubbin'! It worked out well that T and S's guys didn't want to hot tub so the rest of us fit perfectly. I was kind of shocked that I didn't get schnockered. I mean I was buzzed but I didn't get a raging drunk on. Keith said it's because I slow down after my first couple. I think I do that sub conciously cause I hate to puke. Plus I no longer drink with straws - not sure why I just don't have them handy anymore. I did manage to stay up to a respectable 4am. Then felt like shite as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep. At one point I had the whole upset stomach sweaty thing going on but thank goodness it went away.

S on the other hand wasn't so lucky. Right before midnight we all got out of the hot tub and counted down midnight with the tv and then toasted with some champagne. Around 1am we were back in the hot tub but S was pretty gone by then. She was kind of nodding off but made a grab for the bottle of bubbly whenever it passed her by. I tried holding the bottle while she took a glug and the one time I didn't she dropped it in the tub! We rescued it but we cut her off then. When she started to do the head bob we sent her inside so her hubby could put her to bed (he took his sweet time helping her). The rest of us lounged some more and then when we noticed everyone had gone to bed we decided to head inside. S's guy was swearing up a blue streak when we walked in the door. Apparently S was purging everything she had consumed that evening and she didn't make it to the bathroom on time. S spent a lot of time in the bathroom as she was up every few hours praying to the porcelain god. And even in the morning (11am) when we were all getting up she was still making her visits. Pretty much up until we left T's house at 4pm S couldn't keep anything down - not even water. Harsh.

I almost feel guilty for walking away with a slight headache due to not sleeping well...almost. Oh it also snowed all night so when we woke up there were several inches of snow. Our cars were covered and we watched in fascination as one of T's neighbours snow blowed his driveway by aiming the snow at our cars - nice jackass nice. Although I guess it paid not to run out and tear a strip off the guy as when we got home our neighbour had once again cleared our whole driveway. I am embarressed to admit we still haven't got him anything but this definately seals the deal. I just don't know what to get him. I don't want something cliche like a box of chocolates but something he can use. Plus I'm shyer than all get out so going and knocking on his door is freaking me out somewhat. Oh and not to mention that I'm not 100% certain which house is his!

Yah so our New Years was a success. Once home Keith and I were frugal for once (we both didn't want to go back out in the snow) and made some excellent sandwhiches then headed down to veg in front of the tube. After a while he left to go play on the 'puter while I popped in my Ver0nica M@rs season 1 dvds and had a grand ol' time.

Now? Now I am just plain tuckered. I still have to scrub the red nail polish from my fingers (the hot tub immediately took off the top half). Then I will just search for my above missing documents for a few minutes (I swear!) and then it's definatly bed for me.

The poor hubs got a call that the guy who helps him with his route tonight can't so he's looking at a 16 hour workday tomorrow. I cannot even imagine that. I feel so bad for him and wish there was something I could do. I did put up with his uber crankiness tonight. I knew it was the situation he was upset about so I didn't get mad at him (well just a little). I'm really hoping he gets as much sleep as possible before 2am.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment after work and it could not be one minute sooner. Seriously the roots look hideous. There''s gray!!! I look oooooold. So not cool. I'm just so thankful the school was open this week. Hello brunette!

Alright I really will sign off. Oh wait one last thing. I'm teetering on locking up for a bit. The hubby typed in something in google the other day and it immediately brought up my diary and I am freaked. It's something all my friends know. I don't want to lock up so I'm trying whatever I can first to fix the situation. I guess if worst came to worst I could lock the archives and then only say nice things about those near and dear to me. But really what fun would that be? Exactly. Peace Out.

10:17 p.m. - 2008-01-02


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