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A tear or two is just fine every now and then

I just got back from the movies with some girls at work (all at least 20 years older than me...not sure what that has to do with anything). We saw PS I love you. It is such a chick flick. Women were out and out sobbing in the theatre! I admit more than once a tear or two escaped from my eyes...and sure as anything if I was at home watching it by myself the waterworks would have been flowing. But really I think it was a decent movie. Cute guys, laughs, a no brainer. Of course I now have this overwhelming urge to go and wake the hubby up and hug him for dear life....but since he didn't see the movie and isn't emotional right now he probably wouldn't 'get' it.

I finally made it to the gym last night. I didn't make it Monday for numerous reasons. But last night at 7:30 I got my butt out the door. It wasn't too bad. But there are a lot of guys out there who really just like to 'stand' beside the weights and not actually use them. Creeps. I worked up a real sweat and am even a little sore...not a lot cause I didn't push it. I had grand dreams of going tonight after the movie but I didn't realize how late it got out. I might throw on a yoga dvd after this entry (it's candlelight yoga so it's made for the night hours so I won't be too hyped to go to sleep).

Speaking of sleep, I was wretched out of my deep sleep last night by a pounding rain and a howling wind. Normally since we have a fan running in the room (I cannot sleep without one) we don't hear the rain etc. But this rain was pounding. I got up just to look outside. Then I even went outside! Just for a inflatible penguin on the front lawn was doing a wicked dance and was going to waltz away forever if I didn't unplug him.

My upper back is killing me. The hubby cracked it for me yesterday which provided relief but now it's back full force. Feh. Hopefully the yoga will help. That's what got me out of bed yesterday morning so early (yes the gym and yoga in one day!). Not sure what's up with it. Old age I guess.

My only good black bra ripped this morning. I'm hard on my bras and my boobs are always busting to get out. So at lunch I had to go buy 2 more. Buy one get the second 40% off. They better be comfy. I'll know tomorrow.

I keep thinking tomorrow is Friday cause originally we planned to go to the movies on Thursday. Working 5 days straight is so not right. Thankfully I'll be going back on my flex hours next week so I'll go back to having every second Friday off. It's probably the only thing that keeps me sane!

I'm feeling a wee bit bummed. Probably the movie - just thinking about my hubby dying puts a huge lump in my throat and my mind shuts down. Also a lot of people on dland that I read are going through a hard time with loved ones and well it just plain sucks cause you can't help but hurt just a little for someone going through their heartaches. I don't 'know' these people but I can't help but feel for them.

You know there's really know way to lighten this entry so I think I'm gonna end here. I can't even ramble properly. Best to call it a night. Tomorrow's another day. Maybe the sun will shine for a little while tomorrow. That would be nice. I miss you Mr Sun. G'nite.

9:47 p.m. - 2008-01-09


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