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Score one for the little guy....finally

It was a rollercoaster of emotions today. We had a meeting with our boss and her boss. We were told some stuff that we didn't like - basically our boss called her boss in to come in and be the 'heavy' and to tell us to quit our whining over our recent changes and just do our job already. Obviously I am paraphrasing. Well needless to say I was upset when I left the meeting and then I wrote a wicked (wicked good not bad) email voicing all my feelings and concerns. Basically it boils down to me requesting a certain training for the last few years and always being denied because I've been in my position too long - yah it's a very strange situation.

I got a response to my email within an hour. My presence was requested at a meeting with her boss alone. I don't do confrontation well so I was a bundle of nerves.

Bottom line is I'm going for training in 2 weeks time. The training is 2 weeks in length. I was shocked when I got my way. This never happens. Tomorrow my co-workers find out and it should be interesting to find out their reactions. I know a few want training as well but to be honest they didn't talk about it or push it like I did. I was relentless in my pursuit. The Big boss asked why it took me so long and I told her that over the years whenever I asked for training I was told no for multiple reasons and I took it like a good employee. This situation was different as I was expected to know even more knowledge and I kept pushing back even though it scared the crap out of me.

I hope I'm not regretting this decision in 2 weeks time when I'm commuting back and forth to T dot to take this training. It's going to be very long days. All for the prize of knowledge.

After work I met up with C and T for dinner and shopping. Although we took so long over dinner that we didn't finish till 8 and only had an hour of shopping. Although we did exceedingly well with our time frame. We hit many shoe stores and T and I tied with 4 pairs each with C only buying 1 pair. I technically bought 2 pairs of work shoes, 1 pair of comfy sandals and 1 pair of comfy sneakers. I also bought a sweater for $12 and had to buy a couple of camis to wear under it.

I didn't plan on spending so much but yah. Let's talk no more of it.

My face is breaking out like there's no tomorrow. I know it's due in part to aunt flo's impending visit but I think it's also due to the stress over the work situation I've been feeling the last few days. Here's to clearer skin now that I feel less stress!

I don't think my manager is too happy with me though. She's been the one denying me all these years and as soon I sat down and spoke to her supervisor I was given the green light to get this training. As long as she knows it's not personal I just want the tools in which to do my job effectively. Shew.

I think I shall head to bed now. It's been quite the eventful day. No gym but I'm sure the speed shopping made up for it...heh.

10:29 p.m. - 2008-02-05


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