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The day of lovin'

Happy V-day. Who else has shaky legs from all that lovin'?! Whoop. Nah I'm totally playin' ya! My hubby is down for the count and it ain't from all the lovin' it's from all the cookin' he did tonight (oh and maybe from that job thing too).

We had an amazing seafood dinner that he spent hours slaving over the stove for moi. It was de-lish. He gave me a sweet card and a huge fuzzy duck even though he complains I have too many stuffed animals - men they are so cute. I gave him a nice wooden box full of naughty stuff that hopefully we won't be too tired to actually use someday!

My hair is freakin' amazing! I love it. I washed it this morning and then just let it dry like I do every day and it freakin' rocked! It's all rockstar like and everyone who saw it loved it and gushed all over me about it. I also wore a skirt and apparently that's a huge thing too. I think everyone thought I had a huge date tonight - pretty funny.

Now if only my face was lookin' as fine as my hair is. I am breaking out like mad. One word: Stress. Yah work is stressing me out like there's no tomorrow. Actually it's only one person: my boss. As I may have mentioned I'm heading for T dot next week for training - 2 weeks. I am supposed to commute back and forth. Normally if you are a certain distance they put you up in a hotel - I took training a few years ago and had no problem getting a hotel room. But it all boils down to the all mighty budget. This little training venture was never in the budget and my boss doesn't want to blow her precious budget on my safety. God if you only knew where I worked you would realize the extreme irony of that sentence. It makes my blood boil just thinking about how they could care less.

My boss and I had it out this afternoon after I sent one of my infamous emails and I think she was kind of shocked when I met her face to face and said the exact same things that I did in my email. I also told her that her boss specifically told me not to back down when I really believe something and push harder. I am already writing the email in my head to her and her boss tomorrow when she tells me that her request for a hotel is rejected. Yah she's sending off a half hearted request on my behalf but she basically told me not to get my hopes up cause the answer is going to be no. God the politics that go on at my work is just too much. If she hadn't lied to me it would be one thing. She sat there and blatently said it's been years since anyone went for training and was offered a hotel. When just over a year ago one of my co-worker's was in training for 4 days and offered a hotel room but didn't because of her pets. Yah I told her that. It just really burns my britches that the whole reason they are saying no is due to money. Although really am I honestly that surprised? I guess not. Not after everything I've been through with this organization. I think it's definitely time to get out of this department and move know before I kill my boss.

Well it's just about 11 and I had decided I was going to bed early tonight and I see that's not really happening. So I think I am going to go and draft my pissed off email for tomorrow while the blood is still boiling in my vains and then head to bed. Otherwise I know I'll be writing the dang email in my head and thinking about it while I'm trying to go to sleep.

I guess regardless how this all turns out I will be getting a break from work (aka my boss) for two weeks. Hallelujah!

10:43 p.m. - 2008-02-14


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