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A Happy Girl!

ďIím going to Hollywood Baby!!!Ē If anyone watches American Idol theyíll get that. But instead of yelling that, Iím yelling ďIím going to Toronto baby!Ē. I just got the green light to book a hotel room for my two weeks of training.

I did not sleep well at all last night. After I wrote my angry email (which reminds me I now have to go in and delete it from my work email where I sent it) I went to bed and layed there stewing and worrying and getting more and more frustrated. Finally at midnight I left the room and went into the spare room to toss and turn and not disturb the hubby or poke him in the back of the head for snoring. I was having visualizations of my head combusting as I yelled at my boss very inappropriate things. I guess I eventually simmered down and fell asleep after which I dreamt of my first ex (who is apparently expecting a child in the next 7 or so months) and it was just such an icky dream of him trying to be with me again. I got up at 4:30 when the hubby got up and moved back into our bedroom so I would be there when the alarm went off. I did not want to get up this morning needless to say.

I was all a twitter with nerves when I received an email from my boss telling me to meet with her as soon as I could. As it turns out Iíve been banished to reception for the day but this is a blessing in disguise since thereís so many loose ends to tie up before I leave this joint for 2 weeks and I will actually have time to do it. Anywho I finally got to meet with her and she told me that her boss who would normally approve this hotel thing was on vacation so she is going to go ahead and approve it for me and since then itís been a whirlwind of sending in my request to our travel office and making calls to make sure all the paperwork is in order and now I am in my list making mode and I am justÖwowÖI am ready to explode with happiness that I donít have to fight any more and I donít have to worry about crappy travelling weather and exhausting myself for 2 weeks straight. And yah I am so relieved!

I feel like jumping up and down screaming ďIím going to Hollywood BabyĒ! over and over again. It could have something to do with just finishing my huge ass coffee but personally I think its adrenaline. Plus I am also so relieved that I wonít have to worry about not working out for the next 2 weeks since the hotel Iím going to has a work out room. Iím a wee bit worried about S wanting to visit me. Oh donít get me wrong I would love for her to come on over and go for a swim and maybe out for dinner a night or two but not every night you know? Sometimes a girl just likes some down time and this will be a little almost vacation (except for the training part) but really the first few days are going to be so boring cause itís all review for me. Iím looking forward to learning the stuff I donít know and coming back all full of knowledge. Oh yah that was the pay off that my boss requested. I have to come back all happy from my training and be willing to Ďguideí my co-workerís and let them suck the knowledge from me like a sponge. I didnít hesitate to agree.

Man I am just so happy right now!!!! The only thing that could make it better would be if the hotel had a pool which they do but alas it is a seasonal pool and me thinks the extreme cold weather and white stuff falling constantly from the sky makes it a done deal that itís closed until the sun begins to sizzle our skin once more.

Is it wrong that I am looking so forward to working out while away? I have missed it terribly these last few days. Oh that reminds me it looks like I may have to call Ryan and see if he can get me a pass for 3 days. Although Iím kind of dreading bugging him about that since heís been so amazing with me. Maybe Iíll just suck it up and do workout videos for the weekend and maybe even try and get out for a walk a few times this weekend until I can work out on machines again. Then when I come back to work in two weeks my gym membership card should definitely have arrived (I will ask a co-worker to email me when it does). Alright I know I am babbling right now but I think if I didnít I would explode cause all my co-workers already think Iím crazy and for them to see me this happy that I am staying at a hotel really might scare them!

Now I must get back to my list making!

4:38 p.m. - 2008-02-15


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