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It's hump day and I am riding the hump!

Am I here for training or for fun at night? It's getting hard to tell and it's only day two!

I am sitting here waiting for S to call. We made plans for me to go to her house tonight for dinner. She was going to email the directions since I get lost so easily. I've been checking my email all day and have yet to hear from here. I know she had things to do today but still I'm a little concerned. I say concerned but I really mean miffed. Yes I am weird like that. I even checked my hotel voicemail and there were no messages. And I am being a stubborn ass and refuse to phone her. What's wrong with me? I don't know I just hate when people say they're going to do something and don't. And I already know that there's going to be an excellent reason I haven't heard from her and I am going to feel like a complete fool for writing all this.

Last night I waited for S for half an hour at the door of my hotel - she was late due to traffic. Even though I kind of figured that was why I was still a little miffed. Gah. I'm so bad.

And since I'm being totally honest here I kind of am hoping that tonight's plans are going to be put on hold for another day. I'm tired and really wouldn't mind a night in to myself - you know time to get bored and appreciate going out every night!

As I was saying last night S picked me up and we picked up her (and my) friend A and then headed to another friend's to see her house. We then all went out to dinner. It was just such an awesome time. We went to a Thai place which I must admit I have never knowingly tried. It was delicious! I was a wuss and had a non spicy dish. But the 4 of us sat there for almost 2 hours and chatted and talked and laughed. Oh my God did we laugh. Well me especially cause I was kind of giddy from my lack of sleep so I was finding Everything funny! I didn't get back to the hotel till after 10.

I forced myself to turn off the tv at 11 and tried to sleep but I was pretty keyed up from my fun night so sleep didn't come easily. I awoke at 6am to the smell of smoke. At first I couldn't place the smell and kind of layed there wondering what the smell was. I finally got up and felt the door - yes I did learn something from all those fire warnings! I even went as far as going out into the hallway to see what was happening. Everything was fine so I went back into the room and layed in bed planning my exit strategy for when...I mean if the fire alarm went off (I was going to put on my boots, tie them up (20 flights of stairs would be dangerous to go down with laces undone!), grab my purse and my jacket and go to the nearest stairway. Obviously that never happened. Finally I flipped on the tv and found out there was a huge fire only several blocks from where I'm staying and the firemen were having a hard time containing it. Mystery solved. An exciting way to start the morning eh?

Well I think I shall bite the bullet and just call S. first I must mention that last night during our conversation S made a comment about how our friend C deleted her from her friends list on f@cebook and couldn't figure out why. I finally took the bull by the horns and told S that C did in fact dislike her and while I didn't know all the reasons I was pretty sure it harked back to the days of my wedding. I honestly told her I never pursued it with C cause I really didn't need my amazing wedding marred by a stupid fight that I had no involvement in. A tad selfish I know but it's the truth.

So yah S couldn't get over that information and althogh I knew it hurt to tell her and as much as she tried to hide it I know she was hurt. I kind of regretted telling her like this but at the same time it was something that I never had the courage to do before. Bah. It is now out of my hands. I am not going to be the go between if S wants to pursue it with C she can.

Well I guess I really will go call S now. She either is having a very busy day and hasn't had a chance to contact me (she doesn't have a cell so if she's out and about this could be the truth) or her cold finally caught up with her. I emailed her earlier when I was in training and told her that if she's not feeling up to tonight I totally understand. We can always reschedule for tomorrow or even next week. But it's killing me not knowing what's going on. I'm gonna make the call...hold on.

I did it. And wouldn't you know it just as I called she had sent an email - gah! But actually it turned out great. She is bagged from today and her cold and suggested we do this tomorrow. YES! Actually it really does work out for the best cause I forgot that S has a commitment at 8pm tonight that she can't cancel (and I wouldn't want her to) so this way we won't have time limits tomorrow. We will have dinner at S's and then onward to our ALL TIME favourite ice cream place for tartufo and a cappucino. I cannot wait!

R&R here I come!!!!!

4:35 p.m. - 2008-02-20


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