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So long big city.....for now.

I really should be in bed sleeping right now. But it's Friday tomorrow and I have a few thoughts running through my head. S just left. We hung out tonight and had a great time. We went out and did a little shopping and then grabbed a pizza and hung out for the rest of the evening in my hotel room. It was nice to just connect. There's a mini drama going on with S and C. S emailed C and in a nut shell apologized to C for any slights in the past and extended her hand in friendship. C pretty much told her to F off in nice terms.

S again emailed her and politely told her off and wished her the best and said she'd respect her decision blah blah blah. C's response? And I quote, "thanks for your response". Nothing else. F*ck she's hardcore and I just have to say I'm pretty unimpressed with her at the moment. C has been cc'ing me on these emails although I didn't let on to S tonight which I probably should have.

Anywho, I emailed C just moments ago and said that she was pretty cold but it was her decision and I was not getting involved. I hope it comes across that I'm not impressed with her childish attitude but I really won't get involved. She has a beef with S she can deal with it. But man I would really love to tell her to just grow up. Life is not all about her.


On one hand I am looking forward to the ending of training tomorrow but on the other hand I am not looking forward to going back to work. The be-atch boss again emailed me and told me I will be training a new girl on the 'stuff I learned this week'. Wtf?? The girl I'm training doesn't speak english very well. This should be fun. Not. And she wants me to start on Monday afternoon. After writing a 2.5 hour test in the morning on all the stuff I learned. Gah. I am now seriously considering getting my act together and to start looking into moving on in my job. I can't let fear hold me back any longer.

Okay on a totally unrelated topic I am watching MTV Video on Trial and one of the comics making 'comments' on the video was the host of the comic show I saw on Monday!!!! Very cool!!!!

A'ight I am going to hit the bed now cause my eyes are heavy and I need to be somewhat awake for the last day of class!

11:24 p.m. - 2008-02-28


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