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There's a lot of um in this entry

Wow, look at me, up before 10am on a Saturday! Showered and dressed at that. Sitting in front of the tv and on the laptop but one step at a time.

I am watching a terrible show that Keith thought I would like so he recorded them for me. It's called make me perfect or something stupid like that. Normally I like make over shows but I really don't like this one as the person basically goes under the knife and gets lipo, and rhino and every other surgery that will make them look 'pretty'. I enjoy the shows where people actually work at looking better - exercise, diet etc. This way out just doesn't appeal to me. Plus? They like to show the disgusting surgeries and that's just gross.

Um yah anyway. So yesterday was my first meeting with my trainer. I wasn't sure what to expect. We met, he talked about health and what not, he asked me my goals (get healthy was my answer btw - I've got high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease running rampant in my family). He then took my resting blood pressure - heh my highest ever - go me. Although I don't think his little machine was all that accurate but whatev. Then he showed me the section of the gym I am only allowed to use with a trainer - certain weight machines - so we went through them and he showed me proper technique ect. It wasn't till later after he had left and I did some cardio that I realized he showed me machines that I can't work out on without him with me. Um yah. Not the best scenario...for me. Our next appointment is Monday so I am going to have him show me some of the new machines in the club that nobody uses and that I can use without him! I only bought six sessions as I wasn't sure what to expect. I really don't need someone with me while I work out I just wanted to get someone to set me up on a program that would work for me and give me tips etc.

I toyed with going to the gym today but I am so sore from yesterday! And even if I pushed through the pain I wouldn't go cause the snow is coming down like crazy. We have some winter storm coming through and today it's supposed to snow non-stop. It started last night around midnight I believe. The roads look bad. I am so glad I picked up groceries and snacks for tonight and also a few movies. I am prepared to be snowed in....once the hubby gets home from work that is!

After this update I'm going to try and get the energy flowin' and start yah I really don't feel like that's going to happen but it could be my empty tummy speaking.

Alright I am staring at the screen blankly now so I think I'll end this now. Toodles.

9:55 a.m. - 2008-03-08


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