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What dry spell?

So I was late for work this morning cause....I got me some!!! Oh yah! I took the the to speak and yah I made the first move and things rolled on from there. Work schmirk.

I luckily had a great excuse that was true - just after I left for work Keith called - he had forgotten to put some of my lunch in my bag so I had to return for it...I just happened to be driving through tim's at the time to get my coffee. It only cost me like 2 minutes but it was an excellent excuse!

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude at work right now although it was kind of hard today when I was asked to go on phones....for the whole freakin' day! I politely declined and the acting manager was none to happy with me but that's not my job and I despise phones even after going on training. I got off with just half a day but my work has back logged wickedly which makes me cackle evily cause I don't care - they drill it in to us that phones are priority so screw them when the rest of the office suffers when the work's not getting done. Phbbbbt!

I was also on pins and needles all day wondering if everyone would remember to put in their vacation requests as they are due by the end of Mar 31. The damn acting manager came around and 'reminded' everyone. I'm effin' on the bottom of the rung in my team - that's after being here for 8 years! I just want the one week in August (which I never ask for a week in prime time but this year Keith managed to keep a week booked for us). I also asked for the day before July 1 as it falls on a Tuesday this year and to have an extra long weekend would be wicked but I'm really not holding out much hope for that day as we have some pretty clever people when it comes to requesting time off. I probably won't find out for a few weeks once the boss is back and reviews them. I don't know what I'll do if I don't get the week in August - beg the person who has it off I guess. Best just to put it out of my mind until I have to deal with it!

Alright enough of that. I went to the gym after work even though I didn't feel like it AND the weather was crappy so the gym was packed. Go me. I'm trying to make April 'my month' and want to rock the gym and eating healthy - I'm getting a head start today!

Keith was asked to work tonight which means he'll be getting up at midnight which also means that I will have the bed to myself! Of course it also means I won't have anyone packing my lunch in the morning and maybe even making my breakfast. Although depending when he's done he may be getting home just as I'm leaving - talk about opposite shifts.

I thought I had more to say but I just re-read this entry and I made a ton of mistakes - half of which I probably didn't catch so I think I'm gonna call it a night and head to bed!

10:23 p.m. - 2008-03-31


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