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Here's a tip and a it's a biggie:

When you decide to 'renovate' your wardrobe maybe doing it when you should be saving money isn't the best idea. Sigh.

Every morning I get up and I have all these great pants, capris and skirts and no tops to go with them. My current tops just aren't working for me. The t-shirts are old and worn out or mishaped and just look 'ugh' on me. I did buy a few new tops but you can't keep wearing the same couple over and over...that's not cool. So after Keith went to bed tonight (and I fell asleep for a few minutes with him) I headed out to shop. It was hard and frustrating. I did walk away with a couple tops but I'm not 100% sure on them so we'll see. I also bought a bathing suit top and that I am thrilled with. It's hard to find tops that a) fit my boobs and b) hold them up! I should probably have bought two of them! Ah!

In other news the pms'ing has begun. It started on Tuesday as I sat in a restaurant with Keith and became very angry at our waitress. Granted she was taking her sweet old time taking our order and it was lunch time and yah people only have so much time. Even though I knew I was being unreasonable I could not shake the anger and frustration. Oh hello psycho hormones. Speaking of Psycho! Keith's ex facebook'd him the other day. We call her psycho and yah I hate her. She called him once when we first began to date and told him to say it was a wrong number if I was there - um I can hear you idiot! Then she had the gall to beg him to take her back. Chicks man, you just can't trust them!

I'm watching big bro right now and unfortunately I read who's leaving on someone's diary...damn I hate when that happens! Ah well no suspense this way I guess.

Okay back to the pms drama. I am back to hating my boss again. We had an email war the other day and I left work on the verge of tears. It wasn't even that bad it was the stupid hormones! Poor Keith was clueless as I sat there and began to cry when I went to tell him about my day. But I have pulled myself together and things are going better. I'm not going to let her get to me. She is being unfair about a lot of stuff right now and I do feel she is treating me kind of shabby right now but I'm just gonna play her game and pick my battles. Great work environment eh? If it wasn't for my awesome co-workers I would have gone crazy! We laugh a lot and joke around all the time. They can frustrate the hell out of me don't get me wrong but at the end of the day (most of us) have each other's back. Those that don't we just make sure to keep certain things on the 'down low'.

I should be in bed right now. I have had craptastic sleep the last two nights. Keith has been snoring up a storm both nights and it's all I can do not to smother him. Instead I play the back and forth game between our bed and the air mattress but that disrupts my sleep thus making me a grumpy girl every morning. He goes back to work tonight so from 3 o'clock on I better have a great sleep!

I just got finished icing my cup cakes. I'm bringing in food for an office event. Thankfully Keith made the cupcakes earlier today so I just had to decorate them with icing and sprinkles. I don't have a container to bring them in so I have a toothpick/plastic wrap combo going to avoid them from getting smushed up.

Alright I'm gonna go and post this and get my butt in gear and eventually go to bed but guaranteed getting up tomorrow is not going to be easy!

PS - I got a new camera! It's sweet and SMALL! I love it. It's awesome. It was regularly $200 but it was on sale this week for $99. Awesome!

10:56 p.m. - 2008-04-23


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