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Should I be in bed or going there very soon? Probably. Will I be? Probably not. I can sleep in tomorrow - woot! Although I will probably be getting up when the hubby gets home from work (he's getting up for 4am and getting home around 10 - finally a nice short day!).

I'm tired. But this is more emotional tired. The hubby and I had a fight tonight - a yelling fight. About money. How cliche I know. He did his taxes and it looks like we owe double what we thought - big money. We may try and send our info to the people who did our taxes last year to see if they can figure something out so we can pay less. If they don't then we'll still be paying big bucks and also paying someone else a hundred bucks to tell us this - yay.

Yah so that wasn't why we fought. It's a fight we've had over and over. Someone owes him a few grand and he just won't confront them and pin them down to get the money. It makes me so angry I see red. I get that it's easier to tell people what to do then to be the one doing it but c'mon the man owes him from freakin' August '07! Just typing this is making my blood pressure spike I'm sure. So we yelled at each other and he's not a yeller so this is big. I may have yelled 'grow some balls' once or twice and yah I'm not too proud of that but lord that man makes me so mad. He eventually sat there with his eyes closed until I finally got up and walked out of the room and went downstairs. About 10 minutes later he came down looking so sad and we just hugged and didn't really say much (avoid the issue until the next fight!). We both know it's a shitty situation and we both know he's not a hard ass and won't harrass someone even though he owes us money - money which is needed desperately once our taxes are done and we have to pay up.

Mkay. Let's see what else happened today? Still not in love with my boss. No surprise. But it was Friday and my co-worker had raspberry pie and that coupled with an awesome afternoon coffee was an excellent pick me up!

I almost diverted from going to the gym after work. If someone had offered me to pay them a nickle not to go I would have drove straight home. But alas go I did and as per usual felt great while there. There's something about sweat dripping off me that makes me feel great. I could have even stayed longer but the hubby gets persnickety if I get home later than I said I would. Men, they can be so touchy about serving dinner on time! I was hoping to go tomorrow as well but with him getting home so early who knows if it will actually happen.

I have tentative plans with T to go to the Fair near our house tomorrow afternoon. Hm. I guess if I am serious about the gym I should probably end this entry and maybe get my butt into bed! I'm gonna aim for midnight. Oh yes who wouldn't want to party with me???

11:11 p.m. - 2008-04-25


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