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One More Freakin' Day! Woo!

I am starting to get a wee bit excited for Mexico now. Right now. Right this minute. If only I could skip over that whole flying part and just get there already I would be one happy girl.

So I've been on the search for the perfect pair of black sandals. Fancy but casual. Blingy but not gaudy. It ain't easy I tell ya. Have you ever gone shoe shopping with your husband and best friend? It makes for an intersting time. Keith was actually a trooper and grabbing me sandals left right and centre even the ones that were expensive and I wouldn't dream of buying. None were found by the way.

But it's obvious that when I have my mind set on something I won't let it go. I left work half an hour early today. I had a head ache or at least that was my cover story. I went to a shoe store close by work and not only found a pair of near perfect black sandals (yah they weren't 100% what I was looking for but I figure they will do until the perfect pair come along in 2010!). But they look great and don't hurt my feet. I also found a sweet pair of sandals that I definitely don't need but when I put them on my feet they made them sing. I swear I heard angels. They were just so comfy! They are also sweet looking and may become my favourite sandals pretty darn quick!

I finally started packing tonight. I went to my last training session at the gym. I will miss my trainer but I can't afford to hire a trainer any time soon so I just will have to be disciplined (once I come back from Mexico that is!). Once I got home I began to pack and so far so good. Of course it's going to be all the little things like loading my ipod (Keith's ipod actually cause I still haven't found mine) and then the million other things I'll need! I am so tempted to call in sick tomorrow but I won't. Everyone probably thinks I'm going to cause I left early. As long as my boss keeps to her office tomorrow I think things shall go okay. Or maybe I will wake up and decide that I would rather stay home and pack and have fun with the hubby! Time will only tell....

10:12 p.m. - 2008-04-30


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