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Ola my amigos

So Iím back. Iíve been back for a few days actually but I was knocked on my butt from a sinus cold the last couple of days. I know I didnít want to go back to work but this wasnít what I had in mind! Iím feeling a lot better compared to yesterday so I imagine I will be well enough to drag myself into work tomorrow. A two day workweek? I can handle that.

So my vacation. Rather than drone on about how great it was I will give you my top five hi-lites:

1. Being moved to a ĎSuperiorí room 2 days into our vacation - the room was not only Way better than the Ďregularí room but it was super close to Tís room and in a more central location.

2. Losing my camera the last night we were there. And finding it the same night. It took about 5 years off my life during that hour and a half we thought it was gone forever but I have never been so relieved in my life to have it back in my hands at 2am.

3. Taking almost sunset pictures after dinner one night. Dinner ran too long and we missed the actual sunset but we got awesome pics of us in the water and an amazing group shot of the 4 of us.

4. The afternoon we went out on dune buggies; I had reservations about it but wow were they ever fun! It was relatively cheap for the amount of fun we had!

5. I went parasailing!!!!! That was one of the most thrilling times of my life!!!

Yah so to sum up it was a week of too many sugary drinks to count, too many curvezaís too count and too much sunscreen applied all over my body many many times a day.

And that was that. It was a great vacation. We all got along surprisingly well all week. Travel there was okay and we all sat together. The way back our 2nd flight was late leaving - we had a 2 hour layover in Houston. We sat on the plane for almost 40 minutes with no air con. Tís guy M had just started a cold and sat right behind us sniffling and coughing the whole 2 hours. I suspect this is where I got my cold but oddly neither Keith nor T got it. Humph.

Thankfully Keith drove home from Detroit and we arrived home a little after 4:30am. We slept till 11 and still managed to get away late for a bbq at his momís. We were due around 12. We made it there around 3pm. We were asked to pick up his two brothers and managed to get lost even though we were using our gps. After we drove an hour out of our way and had to turn around I couldnít help but laugh at the absurdity of our situation. I told Keith there was nothing we could do now except deal with it and then he finally relaxed and just enjoyed the ride.

We made it to his parents for motherís day and spend the afternoon there and finally headed out to my parents at 7. The drive there was rainy and dark, I may have lost my sense of humour around then and was a wee bit stressed over the road conditions. But we made it there a-okay, spent the night and had a great visit. During our drive home my throat began to feel off and by the time we were home my cold had come to stay.

This weekend is our long weekend. Originally we had planned on camping as we do every year but since our 3 day weekend is early this year and the weather is acting all cranky and unpredictable we have decided to forego our annual expedition. Now we are left with the task to decide what we want to do. It looks like we may head into the big city - T dot - and have a visit with Sue and celebrate her birthday. Not sure what else but I think laundry may be in our future - a lot of it. Right now our suitcases have exploded in our living room and we have yet to clean them up. We are in no rush to do so either.

Alright now I must get back to being sick. Unfortunately my nurse maid has left me and gone to bed as he was asked to go into work tonight. Yesterday I told him I wanted chicken noodle soup, he looked in our cupboards but we were out so he made some from scratch. I was impressed. I think it may end up being my dinner tonight as well since Iíve been left to my own devices and Lord knows I ainít doing any cooking - IĎm sick. : )

5:02 p.m. - 2008-05-14


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