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One day more to go...

Well I made in to work today, you see in order to come back to work and play the sympathy (sick) card you still have to be a tad sick and I am. You also have to dress the part. You dress nice but not sassy. You wear minimal jewlery and only a little bit of make up. It helps to have a bit of a cough and maybe have a little gravel to the voice when you talk. Nobody can get mad at you for not coming back from vacation on time.

I am feeling so much better though. Now I only have this annoying dry cough to deal with. I picked up some cough syrup tonight cause I have a feeling I will definitely need it.

My co-workers missed me terribly, not so much moi but more like another body to get the work done. I guess it was pretty bad the last 2 weeks.

I went to belly dance tonight even though I was pretty bushed but I always walk away feeling pretty jazzed and tonight was no exception. The rest of the class was staying another hour as they have a recital at the end of the month - I got a get out of dance free card as I will be several hours away helping my bro and sil move into their first house. Yah my teacher's not too impressed with me.

I'm wearing my new ring from Mexico, I bought two but this one is my favourite. It's big and silvery and I love it! I haven't posted any pics of Mexico on my f@cebook yet as T and Keith both have already done so but I may get around to it one of these days.

I have an appointment tomorrow at lunch to get my eyebrows waxed. This is a real spa and will actually do a good job, is it wrong I am super excited about this?

Hmmm I don't seem to have much else to say and wouldn't you know it the fingers are itching to type! I blame it on work. I had probably over 150 emails when I got back to work and I am still weeding through them. Good times.

I won $30 in an online Survivor game I played with one of our sister offices. I left the money on my desk and I'm hoping it's there tomorrow - we're not trusting the cleaning crew too much these days. It was wrapped in a piece of paper but still.....

A friend loaned me all 3 seasons of the Office. I imagine I will start watching them this weekend.

Mmmkay I will go now....but I will leave you with last day of work was May 1st and I came back today...May eh? It sure doesn't feel that long though!

9:57 p.m. - 2008-05-15


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