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Truthfully I have felt better!

I KNEW food would eventually be my downfall! But more on that in a bit.

I don't mean to be picky but didn't April showers mean May flowers??? Why is it still raining in May? Rainy and cold I might add? That's not right.

May is not my month. I have come to this conclusion. At least the latter part of May it seems. I am on week two of my cold. It has for the most part gone away but now I am dealing with the nasal aspect. You know how people sound when they plug their nose? That's how I am sounding all the time. Again so not cool. Then Tuesday night I awoke in the middle of the night 3:33 to be exact to some very wicked stomach pain. I had went to bed that night with a bit of an upset tummy (and woke up with one Tuesday morning as well). I thought it would pass but I spent the rest of the night trying to get comfortable - mostly fetal position - and wishing for the shooting pains to stop. I had to call in sick there was no two ways about it. But I was so upset. You see I am debating about not going in on Friday (it's Keith's birthday) and being sick today really screwed things up. After I called in sick I layed down for a little while and wouldn't you know the pains went away! And then when I got up a couple hours later they were back! Yah it was a sick game my body was playing with me. I did debate about going to my doctor but basically I can't justify going unless I'm on deaths door or for that woman thing once a year. So I hopped on the internet and tried to diagnose myself. I'm thinking some kind of tummy bug and all they recommend is lots of fluids (which I have been slacking big time on) and rest. So yah today was a complete write off.

I ate minimally today and drank a lot of water (not all at once of course) and my stomach felt okay for the most part not perfect but okay. Then I had dinner. Grilled pork chops, rice and corn on the cob and now my stomach kills! Food you have let me down!

I think I may try and do some light yoga before bed tonight. I definitely need the stretch and who knows it may settle the tummy a little - one can hope.

I'm sure my co-workers are going to love me tomorrow. Ah well for once I'm not faking any illnesses so I don't even have to go back to work with any guilt. Nice.

Mmmkay I must get off the laptop now. Here's to a pain free night of sleep and while I'm at it maybe I could wake up with my cold gone as well....wouldn't that be something!

8:49 p.m. - 2008-05-21


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