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Oh boy I should really be in bed right now. It feels like it's 3am rather than 11pm. Yowza. It probably has something to do with the sleepless night I had last night. The hubby snored ALL night long and I spent the night in our spare room on an air mattress that was too deflated for my taste. Waking up this morning was hard. I really wished I could have called in sick but even I know my limits. Instead I got up, showered and made my lunch - I impressed even myself with that last one.

So I met up with T tonight. We had to change our plans about where we were swimming due to her schedule. We decided to meet up at VV and shop for a bit and then go swimming at her mom's. We did shop but neither of us bought anything which is a first for us. Unfortunately we didn't get to swim as she forgot that her mom's pool closed at 9pm so we decided to just call it a night as both of us were pooped.

As much as I tried to be positive today at work it just seemed to back fire all day. Computer problems, bitchy co-worker problems, a pain in the butt boss problem. Yah it just didn't come together today no matter how hard I tried. We had a cookie incident with my boss that I won't get into but yah I may have wanted to punch her in the face when she stole it. Okay I'm really not feeling the violence or crankiness anymore so it's probably just healthier if I let it go.

I called my older brother tonight to wish him a happy birthday. He sounded tired, he had been up since 1:20am and was just heading out to his daughter's soccer game (6pm) so I guess he had every right to be exhausted. How he does it I'll never know. After that I called my younger brother as I was on a roll and discussed our plans for this weekend. I am excited to go up there. I know we're going there for hard work (moving them) but it's just awesome to see them and my other brother with his fam as well. If only my parents could make it all would be perfect.

Well it's 11:15 and Keith gets up for work in 45 minutes, so I have to go and sleep in the spare room till he gets up, otherwise I would be waking him up early and I already know he couldn't fall asleep till after 10 pm tonight so he's going to be working on no sleep. We have plans to go out for wings tomorrow night and bring a whole crapload down to my brother cause he really loves the wings from our old haunt.

Mkay bedtime. Tomorrow's my Friday - YES!!!

10:57 p.m. - 2008-05-28


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