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Weekend? What weekend?

Weekend wrap up already? This suuucks.

Not the weekend the fact that it's already over. Shouldn't the weekend be 5 days and our work week be 2? I'd be down for that.

So let's see. Friday turned out to be a longer day than I thought it would. T and I met up at the hair dressers after work to get our hair cut. I had hoped to get my roots done as well but since it's a school they take twice as long to do anything (for a fraction of the price) so I will have to get that done another time. I'm not 100% sure of the cut yet. I have to live with it a few days. They do everything by the book so it's a little more structured than I would prefer. I guess I like to be a messy girl! We didn't get out of the salon till 7pm. Our original plan had been to go shopping for C's bridal shower gift and then grab a bite and a drink or two.

All that flew out the window when T got a call from her mom. Her mom's dog was on the verge of going to doggy heaven so we headed over to her place. The dog can't walk well as his back two legs don't work. He is small and really scrawny - he's a poodle. T fed him and he seemed to perk up but still couldn't really stand or walk on his own. It was decided they would wait the weekend to see if he passed on his own and if not her mom would put puppy down on Monday. During this T's mom and her again talked about her dad's death. I swear they only talk about it when I'm there. It's awkward as I can't begin to imagine how they feel but I guess if it helps them I'll be there to listen.

T and I then headed out to walk down town as T needed to get out. We walked to the downtown bar where it was absolutely packed due to the beautiful weather. The kitchen was an hour and a half behind so we sat at the bar and had a drink. T really wanted me to drink with her and just spend the night at her mom's. There were a few problems with that. Namely I didn't want to. And I really didn't want to wake up to find a dead dog. Harsh I know. Plus Keith was having a wee problem with not seeing me all week. Oh we would see each other but weren't spending any time together. Next week starts his summer of hell as he'll be working non stop pretty much the whole summer at all insane hours of the day. T, of course, refused to understand this and nagged at me to just drink with her. We then left to go to another bar to meet up with one of her other friends. My plan was to ditch her there but alas the friend managed to escape with her boyfriend and I was once again left with T. By this time it was 11:30 and Keith had called me and was pretty peeved that I hadn't come home yet and I was just frazzled and wanted to go home and eat something cause I was starving and T was just getting her groove on. Finally I told her I was leaving and asked if she was staying or wanted a drive back to her mom's where she would be staying the night. She decided to stay and told me she would be fine so I headed home solo. I felt guilty for a few minutes then decided she was a big girl and could take after herself. She was a 5 minute walk from her mom's.

I had a late night snack with Keith and then crashed hard for 9 solid hours - blissful. I was pleased as punch that I went home when I did as I found out that T closed the place down and didn't stagger home till after 2am.

We had to alter our plans for C's gift gifting and I was sent on the mission solo but managed to find the perfect present that both T and I missed seeing on the gift registery. It was a shoe storage wheel and was perfect since the love of shoes is one of the things that bond us. I grabbed the present, the wrapping and 2 coffees and headed to T's where we quickly wrapped the gift and did a shite job cause it was way too big to be wrapped. We made it to the restaurant with 10 minutes to spare and were pleased as punch.

The afternoon somehow went by with only one bridal shower game. Afterwards T and I headed over to C's to give our opinion on her dress. She had bought her wedding dress a year or so ago and outgrew it so she ordered another and when she tried it on she hated it. She had just picked it up that day so I told her T and I would give our opinion on the dress and if it was truly terrible we would go shopping asap. She's having a casual wedding so it's not a proper wedding dress. She tried it on and we loved it. The girl is insane. She thought it looked peach when it was just light cream. The only thing that needs to be done is the straps need to be shortened and her boobs will be lifted and all will be perfect. Such a silly girl.

By that time it was 7pm and T and I took our leave to head home. I dropped T off and made it home to a cranky man. He hadn't anticpated I would be so long and was just all around cranky. I finally gave him a speech that we could either make the best of our time together or he could choose to be pissy with me and piss away the little time we had together. This seemed to do the trick as he was much better the rest of the night and I could tell he was making an effort.

We headed out for a late night dinner at 10pm where the food was mediocre but the company was great. We then did a little midnight shopping at the big W and then finally home where we managed to watch a little tv before heading to bed.

This morning it was my turn to be out of sorts. I wanted to do so many things that involved going out and being busy but most of all I just wanted to lie in my man made coccoon and read my book. Keith and I finally headed out in the afternoon and eventually I did warm up to being out in public and even succeeded in having a good time. We finished grocery shopping and headed back home where I considered washing my car. I started by cleaning it out and after I did that I realized it was freaking hot out and I was sweating way too much to want to stay out and wash my car. I had a brief chat with my neighbour over the fence for the first time. I feel so bad cause as much as I ramble on in here in person I am just such a bad chit chatter. I feel awkward. So we chit chatted as best we could. She was on her deck and I was standing beside our noisy central air thingy and could barely hear her. We didn't even introduce ourselves. I could only imagine how awkward that would be as I would be screaming out my name and we'd probably just politely nod even though we didn't hear each other. So I let it go till another time when hopefully we'll be within earshot of each other.

Mmmkay it is almost 11:30 and this princess has to get to bed! Keith is up at 2:30 and he isn't even asleep yet so man I can only imagine how cranky and tired he is going to be tomorrow night!

10:51 p.m. - 2008-06-08


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