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A not so interesting entry

Mid week fun. I got home a few minutes ago and rather than go to bed I decided to come on down to the basement and chillax a bit and then decided hey why not post a quick entry - so here I am!


Um yah I guess I should have thought this through a bit more - my brain is a little sleepy it seems. So I went swimming with T tonight. Second week in a row. Last week we swam at her mom's and then went downtown for a few drinks and apps. Tonight we swam at the Rec centre (which has gotten crazy pricy!) and then headed downtown again to our fave bar. Wednesday is Blue's night. Last week was excellent - this week not so much. There's one guy who sings with this raspy voice and I think he thinks he's good - he's not - we all can sing in a raspy voice. Then just as we were leaving these teens got up and um started rockin' out with really bad music and really far from Blues. I was puzzled but glad to escape their noise. Those young rabble-rousers.

I forgot to mention my fun Monday this week. Mid morning the people on our floor at work noticed that it was getting kind of warm and then well down right hot. It turns out the AC was having major problems AND what do you do when you're hot why you drink water! And can you guess what happened next? Yup the bathrooms were not working! We were told we could go to either the bus station or city hall! Yah it was quite the interesting day. We got free water and popsicles out of it. We're still reeping the popsicles benefit.

It looks like plans for a girl road trip on our July 1st semi long weekend (our holiday actually falls on a Tuesday!!) may be coming together. T and I are trying to make plans to visit my younger bro and sil in King-ston. Keith doesn't know yet. He's working the weekend so it's not that I don't want him to go it's that he can't. We're in the very beginning planning stages so here's hoping it works out!

The pinkie on my right hand has been bothering me the last few days. Typing doesn't help it but I'm sure a few days rest should help it.

Wow, this entry is very entertaining eh?

I slept terribly last night. Yah the snoring man. I told him this morning that we are going to have to make the spare bedroom into my alter bedroom by adding dark blinds and my fan (white noise) cause this up and down throughout the night is killing me. That or he could just stop freakin' snoring already!

Mkay it's just about 11 so I am going to hit the hay - I'll listen at the door to see what the snorning is like and if it's okay I'll give our bed a shot cause it is WAY comfier than an air mattress. Bonsoir.

10:36 p.m. - 2008-06-18


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