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I can count...seriously I can.

Will today finally be the day I manage to post an entry? Iíve written one almost every day this week but I was either WAY to grumpy to be putting that stuff out there or I decided to save you poor fools from reading my drivel.

Even now I am thisclose to deleting this. What just is my problem I do not know. I know a large part is Ďthe pmsí. Man I am crazy emotional this week. Letís see Iíve had crying jags (due to a song!), major bitchy jags (just ask T and Keith - I lost it on poor Keith and was pretty poor company for most of last night with T) and the rest of the time I am talking smack about myself and hating pretty much everything to do with Ďmeí. It is an awesome week to be me.

I was beating myself up all week about not going to the gym but I was just so tired and not in the right frame of mind that I just had to take a step back and decide to give myself a break. I have been coming home from work, grabbing my book and sitting outside soaking up the vitamin d and just relaxing. Iíve gone through 3 books, not actually reading them just trying to find a good one. I also left my phone outside one night and didnít remember until it was pouring rain outside. Luckily when Keith retrieved it for me (heís swell like that) it was semi sheltered so it was okay.

This week Iíve had no obligations. No house to get clean. Itís been bliss. I was a tad cranky at Ďhavingí to go swimming last night and was dead set against it when I got home since T had neglected to call me all day (yes Iím a princess) but when she called a billion times on my cell and home number trying to get in touch with me and then telling me she had been out of the office all day on business I forgave her and decided to give her the Ďpleasureí of my company Ė poor thing. I was a grumpy puss throughout most of our swimming and it didnít help when I went to jump in the pool and totally lost my footing and ended up doing a header into the pool rather than the graceful jump I was planning.

Afterwards we went out to listen to some blues and have a few drinks. I also ordered an order of onion rings to split cause I have been craving ALL things bad this week. I would just love to sit down and eat salty and then sugary food to my hearts content. Iím not saying I havenít but if I could eat more of it life would be grand. Which of course leads me down the road of ĎI suckí. Iím not exercising, Iím eating poorly Iím bad bad bad. Ugh. It didnít help when the hubby made a comment the other night that normally would have been brushed off by me but instead I made a huge deal and pretty much anything he says right now is taken out of context by me. Yah, it is a miracle he hasnít murdered meÖyet.

Work has been crazy slow this week which doesnít help with the mood swings. Why canít I jet out of here at 3pm when I still have the energy and desire to hit the gym instead of sitting here like a bump on a log twiddling my thumbs until I am Ďreleasedí at 4:30? Although in reality I would probably just drive home and go outside and read so yah um whatever.

Maybe I should stop before I talk myself into deleting this!

Okay wait I guess I can mention Cís wedding. It happened. Without fan fare without fuss and with no rain during the ceremony but a wicked thunderstorm during the Ďreceptioní (which felt more like a family picnic in which I knew very few people). Keith made it which was very cool. My parents left just before the rain started so Keith, T and I drove home once we were all thoroughly drenched. We were snackish when we got back around 4 so we had a nice little picnic of our own with left over champagne (I kept the tradition alive by having champagne and oj with the bride while she got ready. I started it with S and this makes the 4th wedding weíve done it including mine). Yah so the 3 of us finished off the champagne along with some summer sausage, cheese and crackers Ė yum. My parents got home and my mom even had a little champagne (she rarely drinks) so that was cool.

Now I am all about planning our vacay in August. We have a week off and hope to do something with my bro and sil. Iím crossing my fingers it will be okayÖat least thereís no d&d planned!

Okay to end this rambley entry hereís 5 random things on my mind or happening right now!

1. Iím eating Ďbutteryí popcorn courtesy of a co-worker who isnít here (itís from her stash). I told you I was craving salt!

2. I love my black flip flops. LOVE. They are never allowed to grow old and die.

3. Iím missing most of my underwear. Really. I have hid all my clean underwear on myself.

4. Iíll probably be making dinner tonight Ė for the second time this week. And yes bbqíing does count!

5. The popcorn is all gone. I may have ate 99% of it. I am a bottomless pit.

6. Oops one moreÖ.I told the hubby that I lost his ipod. I am having no luck in finding it so maybe he can get in on the search now too!

4:07 p.m. - 2008-07-17


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