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Yah I may have a wee bit of anger in me

Yah I should be in bed but I was keyed up when I got home an hour ago from swimming and blues night. So I wrote an entry (see below) earlier today but I was too pissed off to post it after work. My boss who I repeatedly called a c*nt whore - yah that's a U that's missing totally pissed me off before I left for work and actually caused me to stay late cause she forced me to call f*cking useless 'help desk'. Oh I'll have a few choice words for her tomorrow. I didn't write her an email before I left cause I'm sure I'd have HR waiting for me when I walked in the doors tomorrow morning. Have I mentioned my boss is leaving? F*CK Yah! Yup she's leaving for a year. I was worried about who we would get as a replacement (rumors are flying about who's going to apply for her job in the office) BUT do you know what? I don't think anyone can be as bad as her. She has gone down hill since I first started - she was normal and didn't play the favourites game quite as much as she does now. Oh and she didn't go on such mega power trips as she does now. Mkay now that that's out of my system here is my entry from this morning!


This week is going so much better! Thanks for asking! It may have something to do with not feeling like a 6 headed monster this week! Although I am still holding grudges apparently. I donít know whatís wrong with me but Iím still a little cheesed off with T for sabotaging our girlsí camping weekend. Now sabotage is a strong word but the way she didnít put any effort into actually picking a date and just naysayed all the other dates really pissed me off. Really. So much in fact that I am trying my damndest to be out of town the weekend she has her summer party. Itís my family reunion that weekend but with Keithís work schedule Iím not sure we can make it. Iím trying so hard to get him to sort it out so I can figure out our plans for that weekend. But for some reason it would give me so much satisfaction not to show up to her party. F*ck Iím petty! Plus? S has already confirmed that she will be coming and that would just be weird if I wasnít there as I am their common denominator and they donít hang out otherwise. Plus Plus? T doesnít really like S when sheís with her hubby so hum that should make for an interesting night. Oh and just to throw in some fireworks C has also replied that she is going Ė so both S and C together at a party! Damn, now Iím kinda regretting that I may be missing it. But nothing is written in stone yet. Iíve decided that if Keith canít make the family reunion Iím not going so itís all on him. Not that I donít love my family but it sucks always being the odd man out and Iím sure not bringing our huge tent to camp out in and try and set up by myself (my family would help Iím sure) and Iím sure as heck not sleeping in my parents van again this year! Did I mention how last year I set off their alarm when I got up at 2am to go pee? Yah it was chaos for like a minute and that is a helluva long time in the middle of the night with the only sound for miles being a shrill car alarm. I didnít sleep for hours after that. Scars.

So guess what I got last night? A cpod. Thatís my name for it. Itís a clone ipod. A knock off if you will. We bought it for $20 at W.mart. I had jokingly pointed it out to Keith and he actually threw it in our cart. Of course he did mention something about divorcing me if I lose it. Then when I tskíd him for divorcing me over something so trivial he changed it to Ďbury my body in the backyardí. I told him heís too lazy to actually bury me so I have no worries. Plus? I really donít plan on losing this one. I say this after I had put it on the end of the couch last night and after a few times of getting up and down noticed it was gone and had fell in between the cushionsÖum oops? Luckily Keith didnít notice and I quickly retrieved it and put it on the table. Is there a support group for people like me?

The ear buds kind of suck out loud and I am thinking of checking out a store at lunch (if it doesnít piss down rain - edited to add that it DID piss down rain so no new ear buds) to get some decent ones but that will definitely have to be our secret! I just donít see the sense of trying to walk with this thing if the buds refuse to stay in my small little ears. But I wonít give up looking for the other ipod(s)! This is just a temporary fix!

I had planned on dressing up a little for work today but a) my cream colored capris were wrinkled and b) Iíd just be sitting in a corner for most of the day all by myself and no one would notice how cute I was. So that will be shuffled into next weekís line up. Hopefully I will also have my hand held steamer thingy by then. I ordered it from A-von so who knows if it will actually work. But if it does this will be my saving grace. I am notorious for not folding my clothes right away or after trying them on in the morning and discarding the outfit in a pile to crumple and wrinkle. If that thingy works and gets the wrinkles out I will be a happy non-wrinkled girl. I donít iron. Funny thing, I sit with a few women at work at break time and they talk about how they had to iron this or that. All 3 of them iron. They are all a few decades older than me. Interesting.

As I was picking out my shoes for todayís outfit that never happened. I realized that I have a ton of flipflops/sandals and I donít wear them. I have good intentions (and right now they are hiding in the (sob inducing) spare room in the basement. But I really should start wearing them before the hubby starts throwing out one pair at a time. If only my comfy plain flipflops werenít so great. I am already gearing up for the day that they start coming apart. I bought them at a small shoe store in a mall I never go to last year in a moment of desperation. I nearly keeled over paying $25 for them and now? I would pay twice that! They are just that good! This is starting to get creepy isnít it? Yah I should stop talking about them now.


And that's what I wrote! Not it is almost midnight so I need to get this bod to bed now! Ciao.

11:32 p.m. - 2008-07-23


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