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Am I still ranting?

First things first - it's Friday!!!!!

Okay hm let's see what to talk about? Well I just back from lunch with C. Marital problems already. They've only been married 2 weeks. But they are a pretty volatile couple and unfortunately C kind of thrives on drama so that's not good. I really hope they speak to a therapist cause they have to learn how to 'fight' and communicate in person and not through texting.

So S has asked T and I to go camping on the August long weekend. T emailed me before lunch to tell me that her guy has the weekend off so she can't go. Yup you guessed it, I'm ticked at her. First off, I can pretty much bet on my mortgage payments for a year that he will undoubtedly be busy on a 'project' for their house that whole weekend OR another very big possibility he will take extra work because the man loves to be busy and loves making money even more. I ticked Keith off by going away last time and T wasn't caring all that much but when it's her it's a different story I guess. Piss. Me. Off. So I am considering going solo and the more the idea runs in my head the more I am digging it. I mean yah it's a 4 hour drive but hey I'm used to that kind of thing and I love driving solo. The area I'm going is a little worrisome as you can get lost very easily but maybe if Keith gives me the gps that weekend I wouldn't have to worry. I am 99% sure Keith is working most of the long weekend so I doubt he'll have a problem with it. Oh he'll have a problem of not getting to have any fun himself and maybe resent me just a little for going but I'll talk it over with tonight and we'll see what happens. It will be S and our friend A going and they will be in some sort of jamboree trying to sell their jewelery most of the weekend during the days so I will have time to do what I love best - swim, read and laze around. I mean I think my heart just sped up a few beats even thinking of the possibility of doing what I love. When Keith and I were talking the other day about going camping with my bro and sil I brought up the fact that he doesn't like camping with just me and then he agreed stating that all I want to do is.....swim, read and laze around! I can't even dispute that! He said at least with other people there I am forced to interact. Ha! I guess I can't be mad at him anymore for not wanting to go with just me.

Also a very small....medium...okay HUGE part of me wants to go as kind of a 'nah nah' kind of thing at T. I doubt she thinks I will go on my own. She doesn't know me very well. I once drove to the same area several years ago to meet up with S and I didn't even have the address - it is all cottage area. I was going by gut feeling and my memory from being there several years before that!!! Yah it's an extreme miracle that I made it there all on my own. This time I don't know exactly where I am going as it's not at the cottage her family used to rent for years, it's at a campground. I'll just have S meet me somewhere in town and follow her. Okay I am really digging this idea!

I'll stop talking about it now. No sense in getting excited until I find out from Keith what his schedule is like! So let's see what else? Last night was my last belly dance class till September....or August. Yah our instructor stood us up. Although technically she did call us or at least try to. She had somebody make an offer on a house (remember she's a real estate lady now?) so she was doing the paper work and got caught up. The 3 of us who showed up ended up going over to her house - which was a feat in itself since none of us really knew the way. One girl got us half way there and then when she started going the wrong way I took over and actually remembered from a year ago where she lived! It was too cold to swim (BOO!!!!) so we sat with our feet in the water talking to her daughter who entertained us until she showed up around 8:30 along with another student who had been running late. We sat around talking and eating the apple slices dipped in a very sweet caramel dip and had a slice of hazel nut torte that another girl had brought. Finally around 10 we called it a night. Oh we also gave our instructor a small gift from when her dad passed away and she broke down crying. It's also almost a year to the day her dog passed away. She wants to make up the missed class sometime in August and even hinted at continuing classes for the summer at a nominal charge. Um No. Not only does she need a rest but I need a rest! It will be nice to have my Thursday's back and recharge for our continuing sessions in September. A break!

So the plans for this weekend? Up in the air. I"m trying to think of fun and cheap things to do with the hubby. Outside of the bedroom - heh. I'm thinking a nice picnic somewhere an hour or so from here maybe near a beach? He has a way of kiboshing my plans though so we'll see what actually happens! Oh and it looks like we'll be able to go to T's party after all - phfft. Keith has to work the Saturday and he refuses to get in a car after working all night to drive 3 hours and play nice with my family most of who he (and yah even me) don't even know. I mean, c'mon what's wrong with that man? I now see why women date boy toy's. They are much easier to control! Until of course they get older and dump you to date younger women and break your heart (ahem). Not that I would know!

Speaking of which I was speaking to J the other day. Random I know! We weren't technically speaking - just through f-book. I sent him an email first just saying hi. He sent one back pretty much just saying hi back and for some reason that depressed me. I don't know what I expected. Okay I do know. I expected him to email me back about how bad his life is going and how bad it's been since he broke my heart and that every day he regrets it and he'll never ever find someone as good as me and he'll live to regret it for the rest. of his. life. Not to much to ask is it? Yah maybe I should just leave the past where it is huh?

The other day I was reading a journal that I think I randomly clicked on and was enjoying but then had to leave cause my lunch was over. I forgot to save the page so I could go back to it and I can't remember the name at all. Normally this would be in my browser history right? Well yes if the stupid help(less) desk person hadn't made me delete my cache and lose all that stuff. Pffft. I hate when that happens. I tend to pick diaries that really interest me and even if the history is several years back I will doggedly go through their archives and read every page. There are some of course I only skim as c'mon we all can't be interesting every day! But it also gives me a lunch time read and gives me something to do while eating at my desk. I just finished my current one and haven't found another one yet. Must get on that!

So I walked to the store I was thinking of to buy some ear buds for my new 'c-pod'. The buds were $50 - $70! Um I only spent $20 on the whole thing! So I have to go back to evil W-mart and get a decent pair.

Alright I have 10 minutes and then I am sprung for the weekend - hallelujah! Watch out weekend here I come!

4:10 p.m. - 2008-07-25


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