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Here's to not getting lost!

Well I will be hitting the road in about 10 minutes - soon as this post is done I will finish packing the car, pack my small cooler bag and then I am outta here! I have a couple of stops to make - S called last night (once during the movie!) and has asked me to look for a few things for her.

I got home at 4:10 yesterday and spent time with the hubby. We did our usual sit on the couches on talk about our day and just about crap in general (man I love that time!). I even managed to pack a few more things AND clean out my car! By that time is was time to go meet the girls and I still hadn't eaten dinner. Keith had offered to make me something but neither of us were really hungry. Of course once I stepped foot inside the restaurant I was hungry! But they were all done and just paying the bill so no real food for me. I had popcorn for dinner! I also had some very bad fast food when I left and went home cause I am very very bad like that. It gave me gut rot cause I hadn't had it in forever - now I know why! I got home around 10 ate the bad food, grabbed a few more camping supplies and even packed the car since that's one of my worst chores and I hate packing it in the heat cause I get all sweaty and gross running back and forth. So the majority is packed except for all my pillows and blankets cause I decided I'm being a princess on this trip. I am not going to 'make do' with my sleeping arrangements. I am bringing my favourite pillows and several blankets and I WILL be comfortable!

Hm. I better change this sports bra I'm wearing cause it is pulling on my neck!

I got up at 2am and said goodbye to the hubby. Then I went back to bed and tried not to cry. Yes I am that much of a wimp. I love that man to pieces and even though I know once I'm gone I'll be fine it's that initial leaving that gets me all weepy. I am way more independent when I don't have a man in my life. I also am a worrier by nature so I am always afraid something may happen to him while I'm away and not near him. Yea I know I should seek help. But anywho I gotta wrap this up my 10 minutes are almost up!

I called in to work this morning. I called my co-worker and told her about my killer headache which wasn't far from the truth cause I was so tired and fuzzy by that point I barely remember calling! Then since my boss is away I emailed our business centre and asked them to forward it on to the covering manager. I've never emailed in before so that was interesting. Too bad I couldn't do that all the time. I hate calling in as I tend to ramble.

Mkay time's up. I am out of here! Time to become one with nature! Here's to no sunburns and no mosquito bites!

PS - the movie - M@mma Mi@ was Awesome! The scenery alone was breath taking and I could care less that Pierce B couldn't sing - he's still hot for an old(er) guy!

10:59 a.m. - 2008-08-01


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