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Hm it's been a while. I've written an entry - a few times - but just never finished them - blah.

A little recap?

Let's work backwards shall we? This weekend turned out differently then I had expected. I wasn't able to make it to my family reunion mainly cause I didn't want to drive 3 hours (and that's with no traffic) and without my hubby. So we opted to go to T's party after all. But that also turned out differently then I thought. On Saturday I got a call from her and at first I thought it was to find out why I didn't meet up with her the night before (I had been in a crappy tired mood and wasn't in the mood to hang out and be cheerful). But as it turns out she had been out with her guy at one of their friends and she had fell in a hole. Yah I don't know either. She had twisted her ankle but didn't think it was too bad...until the next morning when she couldn't walk. She couldn't find anyone to take her to the hospital (or clinic). I told her I would hop in the shower and be over as soon as I could. Keith happened to be on his way home so he also came with and we spent the afternoon taking care of T and getting her medical attention. It turns out it's just a sprain which was pretty lucky but she can't bare any weight on it. She ended up cancelling her party but Keith and I still went over that night to hang out with her. My hot tub dreams went up in smoke cause it was pretty cold out and there was no way T could go in. I decided to stay sober and drive Keith and I home to get a good night's sleep.

Of course a good sleep didn't happen. I awoke at 2am to a clicking sound that I soon figured out was my fan. I got up and played around with it and managed to make it worse. I ended up having to turn off the fan and go back to bed. There I layed in the darkness listening to Keith breath. Listening to myself breath. I about went insane and had to get up. I could not get comfortable. I fell asleep in our spare bedroom. It's a sad day when I can't sleep in the bed beside my hubby.

Today was pretty uneventful. We were low key and did very little besides shop a couple of times for groceries. We did manage to get a lot of cuddle time on the bed so that was pretty cool and long overdue.

Okay so that was this weekend! The weekend before....the long weekend was something I wrote about and never posted but what the heck - here's my post for last weekend:

So my weekend was pretty awesome. The drive Friday was pretty insane as I had anticipated. It took me a full 5 hours and there was one part where I cursed my old home town cause driving by there is the slowest part of my route for some unknown reason. I made it to the site by 6 and only managed to get lost the last 10 minutes of the trip as that was the part I didn’t really pay attention to. Although I do have to admit that it took using go-ogle maps, the campground’s instructions AND my gps to get me there! Not all of them were clear or correct enough to get me there.

I managed to set up my tent ALL BY MYSELF. It was a VERY proud moment (thus the capitals!). I was bursting with pride when S dropped by the site to see how I was settling in. She still had a few more hours to go at their jewelry booth. She invited me along but I decided to just unpack and get settled and go with them the next morning. I set up my princess bed (double high air mattress with tons of thick blankets with my comfy flannel pillows). Everything was set up and as I lay on the bed pleased with my efforts a light rain began to fall. I kept the door shade unzipped (the screen was shut) and my window open and just listened and watched the rain and I just had one of those very rare moments in life where you are just ‘in’ the moment and enjoying every second of it. I need more of those moments.

The rest of the weekend was filled up with the girls’ booth and helping them when I wanted and taking off to shop or relax when I had had enough. It was sweet. I actually spent more time with them then I thought I would. It turned out to be fun hanging in the booth with them. The sales were lacking but on the last day they totally made up for the whole weekend and wow S still hasn’t stopped talking about it…seriously I had to ask the girl to stop a few times as we were running out of time and she had 3 hours of travel time with her partner in crime to discuss the weekend. Don’t worry I said it nicely.

Every night was a trial as we tried to light the camp fire. It got so damp every evening that the wood would just not burn. We used a ton of dry paper, fire sticks and even lighter fluid at one point! Eventually after much coaxing we would get a decent fire going but wow it took a lesson in patience! Our last night there was probably most challenging as it was cold and chilly and the fire was having none of it. Somehow we pushed through and had the best fire of the weekend. We even had to pour water on it when we wanted to go to bed at 3am!

I also saw a ton of shooting stars. I cannot describe the beauty of the sky at night. Being out in the country and seeing the millions of stars shining down on you is just so humbling. It makes you giddy just looking at the beauty of it all. It also makes you realize how small you are and how big the universe is. As for the shooting stars I nearly went out of my head when I saw my 4th in one night. It’s beyond words how awesome it really was.

We met a local in the camp who was beyond drunk and became our favourite topic of conversation between the 3 of us when we wanted to tease one another. My favourite part was after half an hour of shooting the breeze with him on our first meeting of him he was talking to S and then out of the blue said, “show me your tits". Crude but oh so funny. I of course wouldn't let it go when I kept throwing the phrase out through the rest of our conversation....and the rest of the weekend.

Yah it was a pretty good weekend over all. The drive back had more traffic but didn't take me as long to get home as it did to drive there.


Well there you have it 2 weekend updates at once. And now I am done, it's after 11 and I gotta hit the hay. It's my week to work 8-4 and it's gonna be a busy week - work wise I will be on my feet the whole week (good for the body!) and after work I will be getting ready for our vacation next week! You can bet that I am hoping this week goes nice and fast!

10:30 p.m. - 2008-08-10


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