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It's Monday....

Iím a thinker Ė not a doer. I gotta remember that. I came up with the bright idea to wean myself off of coffee Ė slowly. Step 1. Skip my Monday morning coffee and get one at lunch. Can I just tell you I am barely keeping my eyes open right now. Itís 11:25.

I probably should have started this initiative tomorrow. But I thought I would kill two birds with one stone (cause Iím violent like that). I have yogurt in my fridge with a due date of tomorrow (stay with me this does tie in with the coffee thing). My yogurt is a bone of contention between Keith and I. Nine times out of 10 I let the yogurt go bad. I have great intentions but normally I only have a few that just donít make it. This week itís more like 10 that didnít make it! 10 out of 16 I think. Uh yah thatís not cool. Rather than listen to the Ďmaní complain about my wastefulness I thought I would make a smoothie in the morning using a few yogurt, some fresh fruit and some ice that I was up making last night at midnight (I never said I thought this plan out that well). What I canít actually believe is that I got up and made the smoothie this morning! I thought for sure it was just one of my fanciful ideas that I wouldnít go through with Ė I never even brought the blender upstairs from the basement. But a smoothie I did make and a smoothie I did drink (oops sorry for the rhyming)! It was actually quite tasty. Of course an hour later I was hungry so filling they are not. I plan on doing this again tomorrow and getting rid of the rest of the yogurt. Letís see if I can do it! Wanna place your bets now?

Oh in case I didnít mention it, the fan got fixed last night before Keith went to sleep. While I cleaned the dust from it, Keith fiddled and got it working without the squeak. Yay for me but bad for him. You see he doesnít exactly like the fan cause he likes quiet and doesnít so much like it blowing on him but since he loves me he puts up with it. Heís probably afraid if he took it away I would be more neurotic than I am. Me without sleep is not a pretty thing.

I think I might have come to a compromise about going to see my parents this weekend before camping. I told Keith it was our only chance before the middle of September (my birthday!) and that we had to go this weekend to scan the rest of the pics (I knew time would run out on me!) but my sil just sent an invite to my youngest nephewís birthday for the weekend after. If I can convince Keith to go that weekend then all problems would be solved. We wouldnít have to jam pack the car full of camping gear AND computer gear (apparently someoneís worried about breakage) and we could relax and get ready for camping AND clean the house before our guests next week. I must remember to discuss this with him tonight so I can call my mom and tell her that weíre going to be a week late.

I cannot concentrate. Seriously. Ugh. I need caffeine.

I just sent a request to book our campsite for next week. My sil has me all paranoid that the sites will be booked. This campground is never all booked (okay once but it was a long weekend) but now Iím paranoid so I keep checking my email for a confirmation or something!


So itís been a few hours and no contact from the camp ground. Iím not feeling particularly hopeful since this same campground screwed up my booking back in May when we were supposed to camp. It all worked out for the best that it didnít go through but this time I want it to so letís hope I donít have to make a call and rip someone a new one. Tuff girl I know.

I got my coffee. Itís sitting beside me cooling off. Darn those hot coffees. I also bought $42 worth of bedding while on my lunch break. But wait before you go off about how I shouldnít be spending money right now let me tell what I saved! The sheet set I bought (4 pieces) was $23.99 (reg $79.99) itís gray so the hubby will love them, I bought 2 sets of pillow cases one for $5.99 (reg. $16.99) and one for $3.99 (reg. $9.99) we always need pillowcases! The last thing I bought was a metal bowl to hold fruit that was $3.29 (reg $7.99). Now granted all those things were pretty gratuitous but definitely needed items for the house. Iím becoming pretty sheet crazy these days. Iím trying to be more diligent in changing the sheets since the hubby goes to bed grubby a lot of days and is a sweater at night. Plus now that we have the spare bed that takes real sheets we go through them faster. And really? Itís an excuse to spend money and since itís not on Ďmeí I donít feel (as) guilty doing so.

I woke up with a sore arm today. Around the bicep on my left arm. I figure I was sleeping on it funny but still pretty annoying.

So I thought I was a pretty smart gal by Ďpre-planningí my outfit today. Granted it did afford me the luxury of disposing of the gross old food in the fridge before I left for work this morning but now that I have had time to stare at myself several millions time in the glass encased elevator I know I did not make a good choice. This outfit is fine when I am sitting for most of the day like I normally do but when I am on the mail run and going back and forth between floors and running here and there this outfit does not work. It is quite comfy and if I were sitting in my chilly cube like normal I would be fine but instead I get pretty hot pretty fast. My pants have this tag on the side that is rubbing me raw since my undies are the boy cut kind and not so high wasted. I am forever reaching down and hiking the undies up so the tag will quit annoying me. The top which is normally cute and billowy makes me look preggers which I can normally deal with but not when I face myself in a mirror every 10 minutes. So goodbye cute top and cute grey pants you are relegated to the back of the closet until I am off this rotation (okay so itís only this week but still I needed to add some drama).

I did make the wise decision of wearing sneakers today. My black comfy ones. I had to compromise and wear those footlet things that arenít really a sock but act like it when youíre wearing certain shoes. These shoes cannot we worn without socks (yuk) but Iím also not down with wearing regular socks. Iím not sure what Iíll do when I go back to my regular routine of wearing capris the rest of the week since the weather has finally realized itís still Ďsummerí not fall! I may have to break out the practical sandals rather than the flip flops. No sense in have tender tootsies at the end of the day.

Speaking of the end of the day, I am giving myself a pep talk to go to the gym after work. It will have to be a quick one since Iím the chef again this week and Keith is gonna be dead tired when he gets home (bed at 9pm up at 2am last night). Weíre having chicken wraps so I just have to bbq the chicken and cut some veggies so thankfully it wonít take me too long. I would consider going to the gym once he goes to bed but I know myself all to well. The couch will call to me and before I know it there I will sit with remote in one hand and the laptop beside me while I justify staying home by saying I will get us ready for camping! I wonít. I will sit on the couch. I will be unproductive. Especially when Iím this tired. I didnít head to bed till after midnight (hello ice cubes!) and yah Iím a tad fried right now.


Oh look itís almost 4 oíclock Ė quittiní time! Time to drag myself to the gym Ė yippee! If only I could get that good feeling before I go, just a Ďsamplerí if you willÖ..ah well here I go.

3:45 p.m. - 2008-08-11


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