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The last hurrah of summer

This was written yesterday (Tuesday)

I am here in body this morning (barely - but more on that in a bit) but I am definitely not here in any other form. So I think I may have 'developed' allergies. I've never had them in my life but this past year I have noticed some sniffling and snarfing when other people around me are complaining of their allergies. I would continue to say, in my blind faith, that I was lucky not to have allergies. No more. The denial is gone. I am here to state for the record - I have allergies. Boo.

This past weekend I would awake in the mornings congested and sneezing for several minutes. This morning at 5am that wake up call came once again. It was a little harder to ignore being it almost 2 hours before I was supposed to be getting up. I couldn't ignore the drippy clogged nose (ew). I got up, found a sinus/allergy pill, popped it and then within the next 20 minutes felt my head clear to almost miraculous levels. Of course sleep was hard to obtain after all that fun and I did eventually fall asleep - half hour before my alarm was due to go off - double Boo!

So yah good times - I am tired as all get out BUT I have a wickedly clear head! Go figure. Of course I completely forgot the roads would be hell since it's back to work for pretty much the whole freakin' world AND I get to 'share' the road with a million school buses - oh the joy! I was nearly wiped out a by a dump truck this mornings thanks to a car that cut me off as I was moving into the lane beside me. One moment he's behind me next he gunned it to the spot I was moving over to and by then I was slamming on the brakes trying not to hit the cars in front of me and still trying to slide over since I was half way there - it was then I looked in my rearview mirror and watched the dump truck barreling towards me. I'm alive to tell about it so I survived without incident but wow a little too close to comfort. I sure am glad I made T turn in the cell phone we found in the parking lot at the beach on the weekend - the sneaky girl was gonna keep it I think but I made her hand it over to the authorities - hi Karma I'm listening!

So the weekend. The last hurrah of summer. I have camped more this summer than I have in many many years. There's a tiny part of me that will miss it but for the most part I am okay with saying goodbye. I will definitely not miss waking up with the urge to pee and having to make the trek to the good ol' stinky outhouse! I think I woke up to pee like 3 times last night just because I knew the walk was 10 short steps. BLISS!

The weekend went fairly well. I didn't know whether Keith would be coming with us the Friday night or not, until Saturday afternoon. He was happily able to go. Originally we thought T, could come with us since her guy wasn't coming till Saturday but there was just way too much stuff that the 3 of us were bringing than my poor car could handle. She ended up taking her own car. We got to the site around 7:45 a lot later than planned, it had been overcast so we were losing light fast. The site was way smaller than we were use to and not very tent friendly. We mananged to get our tent put up and were about to put on the fly and then help T with hers when the skies broke lose and it rained....and rained....and rained. We threw the fly on but the floor inside was soaked. We dried it as best we could and then decided that T would have to sleep in our tent with us (our tent is huge - it fits 2 air mattresses and still has tons of room). We set ourselves up and then proceeded to listen to our neighbours whoop it up beside us under their eating tent. We found out later that there were around 12 of them. The site beside ours was their 'party' site and the site on the other side of them was their sleeping site. Oh yes it was as joyous as it sounds, listening to these people party all night long - every night. As for the 3 of us that first night - we were bushed. We headed to sleep around 12 and then the snoring symphony started. T snores like a bear and Keith wasn't much better but at least with him I can nudge him and he will stop for a while. I considered smothering T but figured that would be a little extreme so instead I got out my c-pod and tried to drown out her snorning, Keith's snorning AND the partiers. It was 1:30 around this point and I was fairly sure I was slowly going insane and would soon snap completely. By some complete miracle I did manage to fall asleep and slept on and off until morning - my first night in a tent is always a restless one but this was a little much!

The rest of the weekend went much more smoothly. We set up T's tent the next morning. Tired and unprepared to make breakfast (you need wood for that) we headed in town to buy some provisions but first stopped at a cafe and had a wonderful warm meal with plenty of coffee (we never did tell T's guy or else he would have been all over us to go there everyday!) Eventually T's guy arrived and we all headed to the beach. We drove everywhere since both T and her guy were gimpy with their injuries. We got plenty of sun and fun all day long. In one of those ironic moments I had not packed one water toy (boat, spring float, frisbee - nothing) and this would have been the weekend they would have been used big time. All summer I brought them and they barely got used. Oh the lovely irony! We had purposely unpacked them when we thought we were bringing T with us and needed the extra room for her and her stuff. But we somehow managed to have fun without our water toys.

T's man was a one man eating machine. It's like he binge eats. He apparently doesn't eat during the day but after every meal we had he was always talking about getting more food. He would either keep eating what we had, make himself something different or as in the case after he had two huge hamburgers go out and buy a pizza! It's like he didn't have a shut off valve. No wonder he drives T bonkers!

We didn't do any hardcore partying or drinking we just kicked back with a few drinks each night and relaxed. On our last night 3 boys wandered into our camp asking for s'mores. They were rowdy and it sounded like they were going camp to camp asking and just being obnoxious (and obviously being turned down by everyone). We surprised them by saying yes we had s'mores and even gave them the stuff to make them over our fire. I think we totally threw them off track. They were still pretty hyper but weren't being as vulgar as when they first arrived (one of the boys even hiked his pants down and showed us what God gave him). They were 17 - out for a good time and I guess that normally entails being rambunctious and over the top. It was funny to watch them go from crazy to almost normal by the time they left our site an hour or so later. I don't think they were used to people inviting them in especially the way they were acting. Lucky for them we were bored and needed some entertainment. They really wanted our names to connect with us on f-book which they didn't get so it would be a miracle if they found us using the little info we gave them....or let slip!

Besides that the weekend was low key and I even got some book time on the beach which made me a happy girl. There was nearby caves to explore but with two gimps we couldn't explore them - a day trip in the future perhaps.


Well the above was written yesterday. I had good intentions of getting back to the post but I had zero ambition for anything last night. Keith and I went to our chiro appintment after my work and then we went out to dinner cause our kitchener is a disaster and both of us were too tired to cook dinner.

I'm hoping to be a productive girl tonight (I took an allergy pill before bed last night and slept great!) and get some laundry and cleaning done. This weekend I hope to work on the project for my parent's wedding anniversary. I at least need to scan the rest of the pics and I'm hoping to make a pic cd as practice - it's been so long! But it's only Wednesday so maybe I should concentrate on the next few days! I really need to get back to the gym. The ol' clothes are feeling tight and as I told Keith this morning if we (yes we) don't do something about it soon I will be forced to BUY a whole new Fall wardrobe and we can't afford that! I had a dream the other night I was out with people and for whatever reason we were being filmed and when I watched the recorded footage back in my dream I was HUGE. Hmmmm no interpretation of that dream needed eh?

***Update - Wednesday evening.

Um yah. I was totally unproductive this evening (I know I know!) and not only that but I have been watching an Arnie movie while playing way too many games of pathword in f-book. Way too many. I gotta get this bod to bed and soon....maybe after just one more game.

10:31 p.m. - 2008-09-03


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