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Och, my head is pounding. Must have been the whisky I was pounding back last night. Either that or the lack of sleep combined with allergies. Itís anyoneís guess really.

I had a craptastic sleep last night which is more disappointing than normal cause I actually headed to bed early. I slept in the spare room since Keith was sawing logs. I read for a while and then eventually turned out the light. I slept till 1:30 when I heard Keith get up to go to the washroom. I decided it would be a good idea to head into our bedroom. Within minutes my right calf cramped up, after that ordeal I turned over and somehow began to spoon with the hubby (Iím not a spooner unless itís right when we go to sleep and even then it only lasts a few minutes). As I lay there I began to have these strange sensations. It was if my skeleton wanted to break through my skin. Man I canít even describe the sensation. I just needed to move. Not wanted - but needed. My whole body was restless and I kept feeling this overwhelming urge to stretch out of my skin. Okay I sound like a crazy person here but it was the oddest sensation/feeling I think Iíve ever had. I finally got up and left the room hoping if I was by myself it would subside. The feelings didnít go away in the other room if anything they seemed worse. I finally turned on the lamp and picked up my book and read for a while. 2am book reading isnít as fun as it sounds Ė believe me.

I have somehow made next week my busiest week of the year. Itís insane. Monday is my birthday (this busy is a good one). Tuesday I have a dental appointment and then home to bake ALL night long. Wednesday I bring in all the baked goods, drop them off and then go into a meeting from 9 Ė 11:30. 12 I leave work to go to TO with the hubby to see a play. Thursday Iím not due at work till 12 (yay) that night is belly dancing. Friday I have lunch with a co-worker from another office (my Survivor buddy) and then that night Iím headed for the race tracks for my birthday night with C, T and Keith. Crazy! But Iím loving it!

Itís a hard time of year to dress Ė Fummer. The mornings start out pretty chilly but as the day goes on it gets hot. Iíve been switching back and forth between capris and pants and sandals and (gasp) shoes. Not strictly due to the weather but more of what will fit. But thatís a whole other topic I would rather avoid. Head in sand technique seems to be working just fine.

So itís the anniversary of 9/11. Itís hard not to acknowledge the date. A few of us sat around this morning talking about where we were when it happened. Nobody has forgotten. Nobody will forget. I went down the first weekend of December of that year for a Canada Loves New York package. There were 4 of us girls who went. We had all never been to NY. It was the most beautiful weekend Ė weather wise. We even walked around without our sweaters on and we were still hot. We toured the sites of NY from early morn to late at night. Most of us were pinching our pennies as we didnít really have the money to make the trip. I remember I started getting a cold on the bus ride down and by the time we were there my cold had hit full force. I even slept in a bus station at the end of the day while we waited to catch our bus back to our hotel. I fit right in. We went to Ground Zero and it was one of the most sobering moments of my life. Nobody really talked while we stared at where the buildings had been. There was nothing to say.

1:08 p.m. - 2008-09-11


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