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Foot cramps are F.U.N.

My feet are sore.
The movie sucked.
The popcorn was yummy.

The below was written earlier today:

I am seriously considering keeping a few red rain’s at my desk (same as red bull but they taste better in my opinion). My energy level is in the minus right now. I could seriously put my head on my desk and fall asleep (snaps fingers) like that! The rainy weather probably doesn’t help. Nor does the allergy pill I took this morning – I thought it was allergies bothering me but in hindsight it was probably the change of pressure we’re going through. I truthfully didn’t have the best sleep last night. Sleeping beside the hubby all night takes adjusting. We’re both bed hogs. We also didn’t go to bed till almost 11:30 and I know I had problems falling asleep.

I tried to go to bed earlier but the hubby wanted me to watch the F@mily Guy he had recorded on Sunday. I must admit it was extremely funny – especially the rip off they did of Office Space. Priceless.

Yesterday I went shoe shopping with the gift card Keith gave me. I decided I need a nice pair of black shoes to wear at the office. I have my clunkers I bought a few years ago but clunky is out and pointy is in. I do love my cute pointy boots but I couldn’t wear them everyday. Well as it turns out I won’t be wearing my cute pointy shoes every day either – hello foot killer! Pain. I definitely won’t wear them outside of the office for any length of walking. I also bought a pair of sneakers – black little funky things. They are made of leather cause I was 100% sure the hubby would ask if I bought leather shoes – and he did. I almost got another pair – beige – but while I was waiting at the check out I saw my sweet black pair sitting in the display – they only had a few left thus they weren’t out on the shelves.

I also did a little more shopping afterwards looking for a top for Oktoberfest weekend. I had a mini break down in the change room. The shirts looked horrible on me and I was totally down when I left the shop. So down the hubby could tell I was upset when he got home (and this was after my walk in which I managed to cheer myself up somewhat). We’ve both admitted that we’ve got a little heavier lately due to you know….eating crap. I won’t tell you what we did afterwards for dinner or I swear you’d just shake your head and walk away from me.

The weather has turned warmer. I, of course, wore a sweater to work. I am sweating. Oh and the sweater I wore, which I haven’t worn since last year – has a hole in it. It’s a knitted kind of fabric so I guess the correct term would be a pull. But it was pretty big. I noticed it first thing this morning and showed two of my co-workers. One whipped out a small sewing kit and the other patched me up! They were awesome. Now you can’t even tell there was ever a hole.

I’m going to the movies tonight with some co-workers. Our dinner and a movie. Over half of the girls backed out. It’s down to 3 of us including me. Losers. But the 3 of us will trudge on. Right now I just want to go home after work and put my feet up but I’m sure once the work day is over I will perk up and get my second wind. We’re seeing My Bestfriend’s Girl or something like that. It’s a chick flick comedy. At least I get popcorn out of it. Oh wait….I’m sure that relates somehow to the above melt down in the change room but as I told Keith I have absolutely NO willpower. Zip Zero Zilch.

Well my time is up….it’s mercifully the end of the day! Now it’s time to change into jeans and sweet sweet comfy sneakers and head on out to continue eating my way through this evening!

9:41 p.m. - 2008-10-08


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