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Late entry...swimmy head.

Hmm I can't remember the last time I wrote an entry in the middle of the night? I'm so tired. Why aren't I sleeping? Good question - let me answer.

Tonight was Oktoberfest. We pulled it together. Keith and I spent ALL day cleaning our house and man does it look awesome. Apparently we only work well under pressure.

Our company began to arrive around 3 with everyone following within the next hour or so. My sil and I were the dd's to the club. We arrived at the club to a packed parking lot and had to park elsewhere. The hall we were in last year was full so we went to the other one which turned out to be just as fun.

I had 3 tickets to off load. My first ticked went for $40 (I only asked $27 - sweet). The other two tickets went for face value - I gave the gent at the door $5 for selling them for me. I was just happy to make my money back. I did a pretty good job of Not spending the money on beer this time and will put it on my visa where it belongs.

We ate. We drank. We danced. Many times over. By 11 Keith was toast. My sil had to take him home before he passed out. She was super nice and came back twice to take the rest of us home rather than cab it. Once home I opened up my purse to find the envelope with the money gone. I freaked. I figured some one had gone in and took it cause they saw me with it. I was right. Except that some one was Keith who took it early on in the evening as a 'practical' joke. Ha. Ha.

He then couldn't find said envelope or his wallet. All of us were looking for his wallet and when I asked if he left it in the office he said no as he hadn't gone in there. It was in the office. Drunk people forget.

I played drill sargeant and told him it was bedtime. He had to go to the bathroom first. He proceeded to rid his stomach of every drop of food and liquid he consumed all night. I yelled for T and she rescued me and looked after my hubby for me. He puked for several minutes and then began to shake violently and claim he couldn't get warm. We put him in bed with blankets and then I tried to help him get warm by cuddling and it did help a little but the shaking was very disturbing. During this I told him he was never drinking this much again.

By 1:30 everyone was in bed and Keith had finally drifted off to sleep except now he was/is snoring so very very loud that I want to desperately strangle him and my urge was so great I had to leave the room. The only room unoccupied by company is the office - thus this entry.

T's guy did come tonight and it was sad to watch them. He desperately doesn't want to break up but she is hell bent on it and even found a place to rent today. It sucks.

A'ight I'm gonna venture back into the room......I really wish I could find my ear plugs.

2:43 a.m. - 2008-10-19


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