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Careful what you say....

Itís a cold one today! If it doesnít rain Iím going to try and get out for a little walk at lunch. Only I would pick the coldest days to go out for a walk!

This coming weekend is Halloween (um you may already be aware Iím sure). Keith and I were supposed to throw a party this weekend. I say Ďsupposed toí cause it doesnít look too promising. I was a little snarky with Keith last night and I pretty much regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. I tried to back peddle, I tried to apologize but the words were out there. He for some reason loves this Ďholidayí and always wants to throw a party but itís so close to Oktoberfest that people just canít make it down for both and since or group of friends is small already it doesnít make for much of a party if only 2 or 3 people show up. I may have pointed out his lack of friends. He doesnít actively pursue any friendships from growing up. He may Ďchatí online every now and then but I guess thatís the way his group likes it. They connect every few months and maybe see each other every few years for a wedding or funeral (man that line makes Keith sound ancient!).

So yah he was a little put out with me which I totally understand but didnít make it any easier to deal with. I personally would love it if we didnít have a party this weekend. I am in my hermit mode and I just want to stay home and do my own thing. I want to pull out all my clothes and start organizing them the way Keith and I decided on but to do that I need to make a huge mess first. I canít make this mess until after this so called party. Iím also a little put out too cause I really wanted to do some Halloween-y stuff like go to Canadaís Wonder-land for their Halloween haunt and/or go to see Rocky Horror at a nearby old cinema. Keith again hurt my feelings by saying itís more fun if we have a group of people than just the 2 of us. This may be where I snapped at him about his so called friends (see I didnít just say it out of the blue). But really what does he expect? Itís hard to get a group together to do things like this. Nobody has the time and people donít live too close to us anymore. Our other couple used to be T and her ex but yah thatís gone. I just wish the man wanted to do more one-on-one things when we go to events. I should point out that after his statement he also tried to back peddle. Blargh.

Shew. I just got back from my walk at lunch and brrrr it is freezing! I spent money. I knew I would since I was heading to a store, Iím a genius that way. But I kept it under $20 Ė barely Ė but I did! I bought 3 birthday cards (not the cheapie ones either), one chocolate bar (for a friend I swear), some fibre one bars (Iíve never tried them) and are you ready for thisÖ..2 packages of christmas cards!!!! Yikes! Iím going in a card exchange again this year (it is just SO cool to get cards from all over the worldÖ.people are crazy creative!).

Guess what? I am going to post this now! Iím hoping I wonít have time tonight cause Iíll be so busy shopping for Halloween stuff, decorating the house and finally carving our pumpkins! Hereís hoping!

1:49 p.m. - 2008-10-28


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