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I love 'falling back'

Is anyone else sick of mini chocolate bars yet? Yah me neither.

So Keith commented that I shouldn't have given the A-hole from the previous entry any acknowledgement but really I couldn't help myself. When people are idiots...and mean, I can't help but point them out. Oh and Red (locked) was freakin' awesome in her comments towards him/her/it? And just for the record the freak responded to HER in MY comment section. Loser. Okay no more - it's out of my system.

So this past weekend was pretty spook-tacular. Friday we had our house all decked out with inflatibles, the fog machine and pumpkins with a green light bulb on our front porch. It looked pretty cool if I do say so myself. We made 65 treatbags and handed out 65 treatbags. Exactly. We had bought another bag of candy just in case but turns out we didn't need it. We took turns answering the door and putting on the scary mask. I made half a dozen kids cry. I quickly took off the mask to show them I was okay and then gave them their candy. We had a lot of comments on the house by the parents and a lot of comments on the treatbags by the kids. Yah we were the cool house on the block.

We turned off the light at 9 and put the pumpkins out back which was a good thing since in the morning there was pumpkin carnage from one end of the crescent to the other.

Keith wanted us to stay up late so we would have more stamina on Saturday. We started a movie around 10 or so and by 11 I was snorning on my husband. He sent me to bed by 11:30.

Saturday we were both procrastinators and didn't clean the house until the very last second. T came over and shortly after S arrived. Alone. Her 2 passengers noticebly absent. Her husband was apparently in a very unsocial mood and our friend A was at the beginning stages of the cold/flu thing that's going around. So it was us 3 girls and Keith. Lucky guy.

We quickly decided to take our small party and go out for the evening. T was was very psyched to dress up so it was decided we would be going in costumes. S brought one too - a raccoon hat with a long brown robe - yah I don't know either. T was a slutty maid or something. Keith was a wizard - long black robe and wizard hat. I um put on my scary mask. That wasn't good enough apparently and I was forced to try again.

So I threw on a black skirt that I was saving for belly dancing for when I needed it for a performance and then my best hip scarf and went as ta-da a belly dancer! I just threw on a sparkly top and I was done.

We went to a real dive bar. Dive. We arrived after 9:30 and it was deader than dead - maybe 15 people. The music was atrocious. Nothing dancable. Somehow the night picked up - probably when the dj played Thriller and The Timewarp. It got us up dancing and there we stayed for a lot of the night. Although we had a crazy stalker woman who wanted to grind on all of us. Yes grind. She would get really close to you behind or front and try and give you instructions - get lower - just keep dancing naturally - bend down. It was crazy funny. It was probably made funnier by the fact she was so much shorter than all of us. We um had a few knicknames for the bar as a lot of the women were um into other women. Of course you also had the young girls doing their thing by dressing slutty and grinding oh a lot of grinding against one another. Like attention much? The halloween costume contest was pretty fixed as a regular who didn't have that great a costume won. Finally around 1:30 we all left. Keith and I were pretty sober as we had both stopped drinking earlier on (but somehow paid for the majority of the beer!) me due to not liking beer anymore and Keith cause the liquor wasn't sitting that great. Even though 'technically' either one of us may have been okay to drive we chose to take a cab home and play it safe.

We got home, had the meatballs Keith had made earlier in the day and watched the last half hour of 'the shining'. We headed to bed around 3am.

I woke up at 8 with a pounding head, got up found S drinking some water - we both downed a few tylenol and then headed back to bed.

S left a couple hours later after having breakfast/lunch and veggin' out for a few hours. T and I left to go cheap curtain shopping and pick up my car. Then it was onward to pick up Keith and go and help T hang said curtains and rods.

Now Keith and I are sitting watching the tube and digesting our steak dinners from our fave restaurant down the street. Keith is going in for dental surgery tomorrow - removal of his wisdom teeth. He's a tad nervous since he's going under. I get to play nurse-maid.

A'ight time to end this here entry as Keith who has been sitting beside this whole time has pointed out that it's going to be too long and people aren't going to read it all. Heh. Silly man.

9:51 p.m. - 2008-11-02


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