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This entry is....Tricky!

Um yah I so I did write that last entry and it wasn't a dream. Yup. My poor little mind could not wrap around T's hi-jinx. To go from having sex with one guy your entire life to double digits in less than a month - wow. Just wow. I truly believe I won't look at her the same way again. I'm trying not to judge cause I'm not in her shoes. I am hoping this phase will die down.

I had a crappy night sleep after I wrote the entry and I got up feeling tired and restless. The drive to my parents started out quiet and just on a downswing but only to me cause I was letting 'the secret' bother me. Finally I decided it's not my life and even though I was thrown for a shock I have got to just let it go. It's not my life. It's hers.

I even managed to keep her secret although I have decided that I'll only do it for a few weeks. If she doesn't spill the beans to Keith (like she normally does) then I will.

But you know what? Enough about that. It's my diary not hers!

So the rest of the weekend went smashingly. We arrived at my parents around 4 o'clock and found out they had dinner plans - involving us of course. Which was fine. We waited for my brother and sil to show up as they were a few hours behind. Finally we all headed to the spaghetti church dinner (I know it was as exciting as it sounds!).

That evening we played many rounds of superstar legends or some such game on my brother's ps2. It's like karaoke that judges you. It's not as brutal as it sounds and even those who can't sing all that well (ahem) still have a great time. We laughed A LOT.

We even managed to fit in one game of scrabble before bed at 1:30am.

Keith and I slept on the new (to my parents) pull out bed and it was surprisingly comfortable. I was up pretty early though and somehow managed to get in a song or two on the ps2 before church (let me just say Rum DMC - 'It's Tricky' is totally addictive!).

Funny story about church though. My dad was mentioning how it was some guy's birthday on Wednesday and went to move on and then my mom who was in the choir said it was someone else's birthday and my dad asked honestly who's? That's when everyone laughed and I yelled out (yah yelled!) 'your son's!'. Silly dad.

We spent the afternoon and evening at my older brother's house. We celebrated all the birthday's (niece, brother and sil). It was a pretty fun time. And yah the ps2 was brought inside.

Keith and I made it home in pretty good time despite T dot traffic and the falling snow. Snow. It doesn't seem to be sticking so that's good.

A'ight I'm outta here.

9:21 p.m. - 2008-11-16


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