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This entry is brought to you by percentages...cause I said so

Ho Hum. Iím not a winner. I entered a contest to win a trip Ė over 300 times. Iím not obsessed it was one of those radio contests where you collect the points daily and then can use them to enter contests or Ďbuyí things. So I used all my points and entered this contest and they didnít call my name this morning. I will admit I was pretty disappointed. You think after 34 years on this earth I would get that Iím not the person who wins things. There are people out there who win things, like the lady who runs the coffee shop in our building, she wins things all the time. Humph.

Ah well, getting over it. This weekend didnít quite live up to itís potential. Saturday I didnít leave the house at all and while this is normally a good thing it turned into a funk type of thing. Keith and I were at odds with each other. More of a Ďmehí attitude than fighting. We both retreated to our corners for a few hours and then tried talking it out later but the talk didnít really solve anything. It all boils down to finances. Money. Or the lack of. Things should pick up in the new year for Keith so that will help a lot. Also the outstanding monies owed to him is a concern that brings me to the boiling point of anger within seconds upon thinking of it. I just really donít get that someone who runs a business could care less that he owes someone else thousands of dollars for services done. Sadly I do get it and thatís what brings me to the point of anger within nanoseconds. I want to do harm to this man and I really hate this feeling. I hate who it makes me when I think about how much I loathe him.

Thankfully Sunday picked up for us. We actually left the house in the late afternoon. We did some shopping and bought a few more x-mas gifts and then did a little grocery shopping. We spent $50 just carrying things in our arms Ė imagine if we had had a cart.

We got home, I did a few loads of laundry while Keith cooked us dinner. Very domestic of us.

I um am failing with my nano. I wrote a bit this weekend but I have stopped feeling my story. I think I donít even like it anymore. Sad but true.

I worked out 3x last week, swam once and belly danced one night. Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I packed my gym bag this morning so I have grand plans to make it tonight after work as well.

Yah so funny story. I bought a few x-mas presents for Keith this weekend. One is a new watch (Iím pretty sure he doesnít read this diary!). So Saturday night weíre sleeping and at 1am a faint alarm goes off. We didnít know where it was coming from. Can you see where Iím going with this? I didnít clue in till the next day that it was his new watch that was in a bag in my closet that went off. I moved the bag last night to the spare room and sure enough at 1am it went off. And I have no idea how to turn the sucker off! I keep pushing buttons but honestly Iím probably setting the second alarm as well!

Speaking of the watch. When I bought it I asked about their return policy. It was 30 days. I bought this on the 21st so if I give it to Keith for x-mas on the 25th and he doesnít like it he wonít be able to return it Ė nice eh? BUT if I use the store credit card (which I have) itís a 90 day return. Yah. Although the woman did say I could pay it off right there since I was going to pay cash anyway.....I chose to keep the money in my wallet. So bad. I know!

Today Iím wearing a pink top. Just thought youíd want to know that. Kidding. Anywho underneath Iím wearing a cami mainly cause sometimes the undone buttons reveal a little too much (I wonít do them up cause then it looks stupid). So the cami rides up Ė constantly! I am walking around reaching up my shirt and pulling it down. I was going to just take it off and suffer the consequences but then we were having Ďheating issuesí this morning and for once I was actually cold like everyone else at work!

It is snowing now. Hard. Big fat flakes and it looks gorgeous. Poor Keith is driving in it though so I canít enjoy it 100%. The snow has also kept me from going out at lunch. I was going to walk up to the Bargain shop and continue my hunt for a nice top to wear this weekend (even though I know with 99% certainty that I wouldnít find it there).

Mkay that's all I'm gonna ramble on about for now....lucky you.

1:38 p.m. - 2008-11-24


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