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I wrote an entry earlier today at work and even sent it to my hotmail account but I'm just not feeling the love of the words that I wrote.

So my weekend. Saturday was pretty much a write off. We accomplished very little and had some misunderstandings just before we were about to go about shopping. We worked them out and then proceeded to go out just as a snow storm was hitting our city. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. We should have turned around but we went out and spent most of the afternoon getting places since the drive took twice as long and everytime we got back in the car it was at least 5 minutes of clearing the snow off. Good times.

We were supposed to get a tree but the snow would. not. stop. I was ticked!

Sunday we were much more productive and I had the scare of a life time when I tried to avoid what looked like a huge chunk of ice on the road but turned out to be a shopping bag (!!!) I fish taled all over the road due to the slippyness and thankfully avoided hitting anyone or ditching my car. I was a tad shook up. So shook up in fact that as were sitting in the drive way once home I started to peel a stray piece of plastic from my window which turned out to be the tint off my driver side window. It's small but it burns my ass every time I look at it. I doubt it's fixable without re-doing the window and who can afford that right now? Humph.

We did end up getting a tree on Sunday afternoon. It's so purdy! It's big and green and smells so good! It's in a stand, finally thawed out but it's naked caused we haven't had a chance to dress it up yet. Tomorrow I imagine - after our chiro appointment.

Tonight I packed shoe boxes for 3 hours. It's such a good feeling and watching the video during the training session makes you want to weep over how happy these children are to receive the smallest gifts. Humbling.

Now it is time to go and remove my name tag, get ready for bed and - you thought I was going to say sleep didn't you? Fooled you.

I was on f-book tonight and I feel like the worst person cause I cannot help feeling....good for lack of a better word when I look at my ex's girlfriends (as in hey I am waaay better looking than them!). I know I am THE worst person ever. But there's just a small part of me that can't help but say nah-nah especially to those boys who played with my heart and broke it. I'm horrible I know.

A'ight bed time. My throat has been feeling funny all day and I'll be damned if I let a cold catch me!

(My ex boss is coming into the office Thur and Fri to cover for my new boss who is on vacation can I just mention how depressed that made me feel?)

10:42 p.m. - 2008-12-08


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