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One helluva an entry...not really but I like that word!

You know I am quite amazed at how fast this day has gone by. If I were a betting person I would have put all my money on the fact that this day was going to drag. Damn good thing Iím not into the betting world!

I am one tired girl but I am doing really good which worries me. I will eventually crash and hard. I stayed out way later than planned last night. I thought I would stay out for an hour which would get me home by 10. I even talked another girl into going out for drinks with us by convincing her it wouldnít be a late night. Yah we didnít leave the bar till 11pm. Oops. I got home and watched Survivor while wrapping the rest of the gifts. I got to bed sometime after 12:30. Iím not going to lie I was a wee bit tired getting up this morning.

So I am over my grumpiness from the other night. Yah itís a bit of an inconvenience and I donít love sleeping over at the in-laws for various reasons but I drag Keith to my parentís house a helluva lot more so it all works out in the end (to my advantage Ė heh).

After work I am heading to a co-workers for a party then its home to pack up the car with prezzies, an air mattress and tons of blankets and pillows (did I mention itís a really old house with no real heating upstairs?). I have Keith buying me booze, I have my cold pills, I am set. I figure I will stay up as late as I can with the others but if I get too tired I will pop a couple good-night cold pills and go to sleep. I donít plan on making myself worse by being sleep deprived just because Keithís family are all boozers and night owls (things I normally love).

Iím a little worried about my gifts this year from Keith. He made a comment that since I didnít let him know anything I want this year he came up with his own stuff and he is having a hard time deciding what to let me open tomorrow since itís a Ďthemeí gift this year and he doesnít want to give the Ďbigí one away. This worries me....a lot. Letís hope he knows me as well as he thinks he does. Otherwise there will be one helluva shopping spree for moi after x-mas!

This weekend Tís mom will find out for sure with 100% certainty that her dream man was a scam. Heís supposed to be Ďflyingí in today. You can tell that she totally still wants to believe that he is actually coming. Itís really kind of sad. I wish she could find someone local who would treat her right. Sigh.

Iím off Monday I was hoping to go for a massage but my massage lady never called me back. She has less than an hour and then I guess it wasnít meant to be. I plan on getting the last few things I need (mostly for Keith) and dropping off my made up shoe boxes since I wonít be dropping them off when I volunteer on Monday since the evening shift was cancelled as there werenít enough shoe boxes donated this year. Itís pretty sad considering so many people gave way too much stuff for one box. If everyone had just scaled back to the regular shoe box they could have given enough for 2 Ė 3 kids. Itís nice to want to give so much but spread it around Ė you know? Anywho I plan on dropping those off, checking out a cookie factory outlet I just found out about and probably hitting the peanut store that I love so much (for gifts and for me!). All these places are up near my massage girl so it would have worked out nicely! I bet sheís gone home for the weekend. Ah well.

Okay I think I should post this now while Iím at work cause I know I sure as heck wonít get a chance until at least Saturday night!

Merry Early Christmas Everyone!

3:42 p.m. - 2008-12-12


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