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This weekend was....a-ok

First things first Ė maybe wearing new jeans that are too long when you know you have to be on your feet all day walking in the office isnít the best move. But really? Itís a miracle I am here at all.

I feel like poo. My cold is still going strong. I have a theory. I gave Keith my cold Ė he had some of the same symptoms of me but for the most part his was all nose blowing and stuffiness. I had sinuses and a wicked cough. I still have those but now I have his symptoms. He is almost better. I think I picked up his mutation of my cold. Fun times for moi.

I donít know what I would have done without him this morning. I awoke at 5am coughing violently and he made me get up and take cold meds. Then I came back to bed but had to sit up so I wouldnít cough. He talked to me and then when I eventually tried laying back down he rubbed my back lightly until I drifted off. I may have then snored him out of the bed (hey itís not my fault Iím congested!) and he got up around 6 or so. My alarm woke me at 6:50 so I got up, found him and then asked him to wake me at 7:15 and promptly fell back to sleep. I awoke to find him making my breakfast, heating my car up, shovelling it off and shovelling the driveway. As I left he stood outside making sure I didnít get stuck on the road since it wasnít plowed yet. Seriously that man of mine is a gem. Sometimes (okay most of the time) I forget that. I hate that I take all the things he does for me for granted. You get used to someone doing that for you and start to expect it.

As for my weekend, it could have been a lot more restful. My body would not let me sleep anymore than 5 maybe 6 hours both mornings. Saturday I was up at 5:30 coughing violently and ended up staying up and watching tv until 7:30 when Keith got up and sent me back to bed. I got about 2 Ĺ more hours sleep and then you guessed it started coughing! Itís not like Iím not taking anything for the cough but the cough plows right through whatever I throw at it.

My Saturday plans got turned upside down when T called all upset about her mom. It seems her mom is talking to the scam artist guy STILL. I have no idea whatís really going on but I plan on paying Tís mom a visit later on this morning since I know sheís at work today. Anywho after speaking to T I told her she could come over if she wanted as she was shopping aimlessly so she said yes and I had to get my butt in gear. I showered, dressed and made the house presentable. Her and I ended up going out shopping for the afternoon leaving the man at home. Iím sure he wasnít the most pleased but since the shopping involved the last few gifts for him he couldnít be invited plus it was girl time. We shopped and then afterwards went to 3 different Timís to buy Keith mushroom soup none of them had any left. Empty handed (well except for our hot chocolate) we headed home. T stayed a while and then left. Keith and I ended up having one of our infamous talks about our problems and where we see our future going etc. A little too deep for me but heís been in a bit of a funk lately.

I have no idea what happened but on Sunday he woke up a different guy. Without going into TMI weíve been going through a pretty dry spell and even you know when we have relations theyíve been automatic. Well yesterday the man totally threw me for a loop and it was like we were dating once again and back to the canít keep my hands off you phase. For hours. Hours. All morning in fact several times. It was just Wow. Later on that evening the same thing. I have no idea what got into him but I sure ainít complaining (well okay I did a little cause I was worn out and sore...everywhere).

I did manage to get a lot of my baking done but ran out of time for my banana bread so thatís on the docket for tonight (hopefully!). After work Iím meeting C and T for dinner and to exchange gifts. Then itís home to pack an overnight bag, finish the last 2 or 3 gifts, pack those up and then pack all the baking stuff up. Weíre hoping to get away tomorrow after I get off work and surprise everyone since they are expecting us Wednesday afternoon. I better get a good nightís sleep tonight! I may have to wake myself up at 3:30am to take some more cold meds before the other wears off so I can actually sleep till my alarm goes off. That would be a novelty.

Alright I am going to post this now since I doubt I will get a chance later on tonight cause I am going to ban myself from the laptop until I get everything done!

12:55 p.m. - 2008-12-22


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