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Buh-bye '08

Written this morning:

Ka-ching....let's send 2008 off with a bang!

Hm, not too much time for an update but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy & Safe New Years!!

It's going to be a cold night here, about -20 with the good ol wind chill. Guess it's kind of a good thing T no longer has a hot tub cause I think it's a wee bit cold for that this year.

I'm still trying to work a nap into my day. Keith has offered to pick up the car when our mechanic gives the okay - right now the mechanic and I are playing phone tag. I finally left my cell number so he can call me anytime and I won't miss it (just have to remember to carry it while I'm off wandering around the office).

I had a decent night's sleep last night so I'm not sure how well I will nap if I do get a chance. I went to bed at 10:30 but was up at 11:30 when Keith got a leg cramp. Poor guy has been cramping all over lately - he was having muscle spasms in his back yesterday evening. Not fun to be him right now. He ended up leaving the bedroom and I guess eventually went and layed down in our spare room so I could get a decent night's sleep.

We got some snow overnight and my loaner car (mini van) doesn't handle all that well in the white stuff - it was an interesting drive to work. I'm really hoping the car isn't going to be too expensive.

In a few minutes (at 12) I'm heading out to lunch with a couple co-workers. We're going to our all time favourite chinese food place - we don't go to it all that much since you have to drive to get there and we are normally too lazy and just go to the one within walking distance.

Can you tell I'm trying to kill time here? Heh.

What else? Oh I know, I was going to write about new year's resolutions. I mean I have the normal ones - lose weight, get healthy the kind of thing that should really be an every day resolution but at the start of a new year it's good to start with a clean slate! I was thinking that this year I may add something along the lines of not taking things for granted and more importantly not taking my hubby for granted. There were a few instances this year and I think he somehow got it in his head that I'm not as happy with him as I could be, I am going to resolve right here, right now to change that. I figure while I am at it I should probably broaden this resolution out to everyone around me.


Mkay so I have wet nails - wet crappy nails by the way. I did a crappy job. I considered just wiping the goop off but I invested too much time so I shall end 2008 with crapy looking red nails.

I did get my nap in. It was grrreat. I now have less than 25 minutes to get my nails dry enough that I can start straightening my hair, get dressed and head out the door. Yah good luck to me. I still haven't got a total yet for the car but we did get it back and it may need major surgery in the new year it's a wait and see kind of thing.

A'ight I am out of here and yes in case you were wondering some nails were damaged during the typing of this entry!

Okay I think that's it! My last entry of 2008! See you all in 2009!!!

7:03 p.m. - 2008-12-31


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