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Yah I just don't know either....

This was my morning:

I think I may be losing my marbles. That or I am enjoying confrontation which as you know I donít. Or I guess Iím just sick of staying silent while things piss me off. Yah thatís probably the answer.

It snowed last night (and still is snowing). We got a fair amount. Enough to slow traffic to a snails pace and have many ditched cars. I made it to work in one piece and only running a few minutes late. I was walking down the sidewalk and saw a city sidewalk plow at the end of the street coming towards me. As there was nowhere for me to go I figured he would slow down and either wait for me to pass or at least wait till I got to a spot where I could step to the side. He did neither. He came at me full force and stopped at my feet. He had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and was glaring at me. I jumped to the side into the snow. He moved on and this was the point where I lost my mind and yelled at him. Now I only yelled something along the lines about ďI was walking hereĒ or something equally lame. But yell I did. I continued on my way seething a little inside about his rudeness and how I should report him blah blah blah. I got to the set of the lights at the intersection, crossed and waited and for the lights to switch. Just as they did snow plow guy came roaring towards me once again, this time I stepped back as there was room to do so. To my surprise he stopped directly in front of me and shut off his vehicle and opened his window fully. Gulp.

He asked me if I had yelled at him earlier. I owned up to it and explained how he barrelled down on me when he could have easily let me pass in a safe dry spot. We each vented a little and then kind of apologized to each other and finally he went on his way. It was a very weird start to the morning and I think I may just continue to keep my mouth shut from now on!

So, letís see what else is new? Well I successfully talked myself out of going to the gym a couple days ago. I was even half way there and I was just so....bummed about it that I quickly detoured and headed home. I know itís hard to get back into the swing of things but this is ridiculous. To make it worse Iíve made it my personal mission to eat non-stop this week. Canít wait till this pms thing is over. Letís hope the non-stop eating stops if not Iím in biiig trouble.

Keithís parents dropped by last night. We were expecting them. Except they showed up an hour earlier than expected. Nice. Stuff wasnít quite visitor ready but meh I guess they have to learn their daughter in law isnít a neat freak sometime. The kicker is after they left our place they were going out to dinner right down the street from us. When I originally spoke to the mom in law we had discussed maybe the four of us doing dinner (then the weather happened and their trip was delayed a week or two). After that Keith took over the planning and I guess the dinner thing was dropped for some reason. Even though they dropped in during the dinner hour and it was obvious we hadnít eaten they still didnít say a word. It was weird. Itís not like we see them all the time and can do dinner whenever. Okay okay the real reason is that they were going to the rockiní steak house that Keith and I never go to and have only been to once. I really wanted some red meat ya know? Ah well, I got to have frozen pizza instead. Yum?

I think I may venture out at lunch and grab a coffee. I didnít have a morning one and itís kind of throwing me off. I will just have to make darn sure to avoid the sidewalk snow plows......

12:13 p.m. - 2009-01-07


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