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The Universe likes to laugh at me

Written this morning:

So last night after I got finished writing my lovely entry, I posted it, logged off the computer and got ready to head to bed nice and early(ish). It was at this point that the Universe began to quietly giggle which quickly snowballed into full out belly laughing. I think there was finger pointing at some point too.

I quickly thought of everything I had done this weekend. I mean I know I had been slack with the laundry but I had enough clean clothes to see me through Monday. Nope all was good. All I had to do was pack my lunch for the next day and I was golden. Oh wait....I didnít even need to pack a lunch....I was going out with a few co-workers. Hm. Now why was I going out again? Something to do with a co-workerís retirement....her birthday....cupcakes. CUPCAKES! I was supposed to make cupcakes for her birthday and bring them in on Monday morning.

We luckily had a box of cake mix and a can of icing (we bought tons when it was dirt cheap many moons ago). From there the rest of my night went downhill. I mean I got the cupcakes made but it was with a comedy of errors that I got through it. Obstacle number one was mixing the ingredients. I needed to use the mixer but it would be too loud with Keith sleeping. So I threw all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, grabbed the mixer and went into the basement where I proceeded to mix everything. Not too bad. I went back upstairs, filled my cupcakes and then went to put them into the oven except the oven was already full. Of dirty dishes. That hubby of mine had once again threw a bunch of dirty dishes into the stove. He does this more than you would think. Admittedly our kitchen is tiny so we donít have a lot of room and if he runs out of counter space heíll throw stuff in there. Now normally itís just baking sheets but this time it was bowls, spatulas, a plate, 2 pots and a variety of other things. So far we have lost one plastic bowl and one of our good metal spatulas (the handle melted). The kitchen was blue by that point with the color of my swearing. I may have nearly given up at this point as I walked into the living room away from the melted mess. But I shook it off, headed back in, grabbed the oven mitts and separated what I could of the hot hot dishes. I then threw in my cupcakes and set the timer. It was 10:30 by this time, my dream of an early night was a distant memory.

The cupcakes turned out great. I got them out, put them on the cooling racks and covered them for the night. I was done. Oh yes while they were Ďbakingí I for some reason found it necessary to go into the bathroom and pluck my eyebrows. I donít pluck my eyebrows. I get someone to rip them off with hot wax. I just donít have the time to get them done this week until Friday and I donít know what possessed me but I went at them and finally had to force myself to put the tweezers down before I did more bad than good.

I finally just finished my coffee from over an hour ago. I let it go cold on purpose. Yesterday while eating my left over pizza that I heated up in the microwave I took a bite and immediately scalded the inside of my mouth. Iíve done that before but what hasnít happened to me was getting a blister from said scalding. I thought by today it would be gone. Nope. Itís more sore than ever. Eating anything crunchy (like toast) or hot (like coffee) is not a pleasant experience at the moment. Sacre bleu!

Oh I totally forgot to mention part of my weekend last night! I was cleaning up the spare bedroom and I grabbed a bunch of papers to go sort that were on the shelve. I found an envelope and it looked vaguely familiar. I picked it up and it was then that my little heart began to pitter patter even faster and as I looked inside I swear I nearly fainted from the excitement of it all. Inside was the $80 I had Ďlostí from Oktoberfest when I had put it away for Ďsafe keepingí AND the movie gift certificates I had bought back in August! Oh I was a very happy girl. I went running into the office and I couldnít stop jumping up and down as I tried to explain it to Keith. It took me four tries to hang the gift certificates on our wall cause I kept dropping them in my excitement. I had totally given up hope of ever finding the money. It was very sweet indeed.


Real Time:

S and I exchanged x-mas gifts when she was down like we normally do. If you remember I normally get a butt load of hand made soap. My gifts to her have dwindled over the past few years as I didn't need to be outshining her. Hey, I put a lot of thoughts into gifts that I give people. This year I got her a cute pig tail key ring hangy thing that I found months and months ago at a second hand shop. It's very cute and funky - right up her alley. I also gave her a small gift bucket of carmel corn or something like it.

She came in with this HUGE basket and inside were all the makings for fajitas (well minus the food). There was the pan, the tortilla holder, a 3 piece mixing bowl set. It was all very cool. I guess she outshone me this year in the gift giving department. I told Keith next year I will have to make up 2 gifts and be ready to give accordingly. I jest. Mostly.

Mm, let's see what else? Oh yes I forgot to mention my near death sledding experience on Saturday night. At one point S gave me her wooden sled to go down the hill with. It was scary as hell and I did end up falling off at the end but I survived. I then noticed that my foot was caught in the sled - more importantly my laces were hooked on something. T came over to help me out and it was then that we noticed S getting ready to come down the hill on my tube. I kept waving and yelling at her not to come down as I was in her direct path. She may have thought we were just waving as she no sooner pushed herself off and began to zoom down the hill. T at that point abandoned me and told me to 'run'. I was lying on the ground with my foot attached to a sled. I got on my knees and began to crawl away dragging the sled. Bear in mind the whole time I was laughing my ass off and trying not to pee myself. S eventually veered off course and I threw myself down in the snow and laughed and finally managed to untangle myself from the sled.

Erm...I think that's all. I always seem to remember something else as soon as I post but I'm pretty sure it's nothing earth shattering so I shall end this and actually think of heading to bed early! For reals!

First I will go and scrub my face as it seems to be very very mad at me. I have the world's worst pimple just under my lip - and it looks BAD and gross and I can barely show my face in public. I cover it up but still it's all I can focus on!

A'ight I am really leaving now!

8:55 p.m. - 2009-01-12


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