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Leaving Sunday...dreading Monday

The end of another weekend....even a 3 day weekend and it's too soon. Sucks.

My massage Friday afternoon was quite good. It's really hard to compare this new girl and my 'old' one. They both have quite different techniques. She rubbed my hips which was kind of on the verge of pain but at the same time felt so great. We didn't have time for anywhere except for my back (can you guess that's where I carry my stress? oh and the big boobs probably have something to do with it too). But I think I have decided that this will be the year I branch out and try a few different massage therapists - just for kicks. I will still see my other girl too - thank goodness for benefits!

So after my massage I had a total 'me' day. I went and had lunch solo at a place I hadn't been to in a while and then I went shopping. I went to Sally Ann and found a sweater and then a few more places. I did end up spending money that I probably shouldn't have but that's life.

I had a few more places I wanted to go but I was tired of shopping so I actually headed home where I spent the rest of the afternoon parked on the couch with a great novel. The hubby got home later than planned due to a broken down truck that delayed him by about 4 hours. He had to go into work on Saturday because of the truck. Actually he didn't have to, but he didn't want the guy who normally did Saturday's to be stuck with so much work. He even did it for free.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much just spent doing chores and doing nothing except lounging and reading. I only went out of the house Saturday so we could do a bit of grocery shopping. Other than that I was a shut in this weekend.

Today the hubby and I reconnected which was kind of nice. We watched movies, did stuff, cooked together it was just an overall good day.

I have huge doubts I will be able to sleep tonight. I kept going to bed later and later and then last night I was still up at 2am cause I couldn't sleep.

A'ight I'm gonna end this, finish watching my pre-recorded show and then go to bed! And maybe even sleep if I'm lucky!

10:02 p.m. - 2009-01-18


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