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Some things are worth going out in the cold for

Need I mention how cold it is right now? I thought not. I think everyone is in a deep freeze. But it can end any time now. Seriously.

I dragged my butt out last night (against my natural hibernating instinct) to belly dance class. Itís a Ďbonusí class due to the teacherís screwed up schedule. I was the only one who showed, besides her of course. We sat in her car and waited to see if anyone else would show. She gave me the option of having a one-on-one lesson or going out for coffee, I We went to this little place called Star-shucks or something like that. Itís quite huge in the States but not so much here. I got a regular de-caff coffee and could not bring myself to drink even a third of it. Vile. Just vile. I still shudder just thinking of the bitter bitter taste. Bleh.

My face is driving me bonkers. It is breaking out like crazy and I am not pleased at all. I would make a bad scientist. Rather than try one thing at a time to see what helps clear up my face I mix it all up at once. I changed my little face sponge that I use, Iíve been drinking a ton of water the last couple days and I put a spot remover gel on the worst of the pimples last night. This morning things are looking better so Iíll just say it was a combination of all of them. Although that spot remover must be pretty potent cause I put it on one area that wasnít too bad and this morning my skin is red in that area. At least the real bad areas have cleared up.

Last week T was talking about going for a haircut and I was on the fence cause my hair was actually working with me for once and I was happy with it. This week? Cut it off. Cut it all off. Alas, no time for an appointment.

Did I mention I went back to the gym this week? I know itís about time right? I even went to the gym just down the street from my work. I figure driving to the gym near my house during this crappy weather season will double my driving time so I might as well just carry my gym bag in to work with me (and itís bright pink of course!) and walk to the gym from work.

I went on Monday and did 45 minutes of cardio. Is it wrong my legs are still sore? Hi, Iím retardedly out of shape! Iím going again tonight to punish myself. Iím trying to get a feel for the gym. It seems quite large and the change room is double the size of my other one. Although there are mirrors everywhere so at any given point people can see your naked body as you change. Good times.

Iím going out at lunch to get my eyebrows waxed. I seriously cannot take looking at them one second longer. I even tried plucking them myself but since Iím a wimp and donít have great lighting (except in my car in the rear view mirror) Iím just gonna pay someone to rip them off my body with hot wax. I cannot wait. Well except for going back out in the cold at lunch, starting up my car and driving the 5 minutes. Except for that part I canít wait. Oh and coming back to the office with bright pink splotches where my eye brows used to be!

So the hubby got this gift for x-mas Ė a food dehydrator (not from me). Heís been dying to make his own beef jerky. He finally got around to making it yesterday. We went to bed last night with smells of beef jerky filling the house (it was still jerkifying all night long). Guess what I dreamt about ALL night long? Yah. I dreamt about when it would be ready. If it would turn out. The hubby? Didnít dream about it at all. No fair.

Iím having some right now. Itís actually pretty good. A little salty (but then isnít all beef jerky?). Very chewy but I think itís also supposed to be that way. And unfortunately kind of addictive. Good thing I only got a couple slices cause I know this stuff is baaaad for me.

**Just wanted to add that I did indeed go out and get the brows done and it was cold but SO worth it. Sigh...I feel a million times better! Oh and I'm not too pink cause the girl used this green wax stuff that helps people with sensitive skin - yay!**

1:24 p.m. - 2009-01-21


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