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(Extra-long) Weekend Update

Well I bet you're waiting with bated breath to find out if I had a restful AND productive weekend! Well wait no more - the results are in! I had a 90% restful and 10% productive long weekend. Erm not what I really expected....okay yah it was what I had expected but I had hoped for more - productivity that is. Ah well can I really complain after a 4 day weekend? Sha' not really!

It wasn't a smooth weekend, there were a few flare-ups between the hub and I. We're nothing if not passionate (and crazy!). We for some crazy reason went out to dinner on V-day. Just to a restaurant down the street - it was nice and crazy busy - great food and good times. Sunday was our off the chart day for emotions. For some reason we just couldn't get it together and weren't in sync. We did eventually pull it together but it was just one of those weird off days that you wish you could have a do-over. We spent a few hours at I-kea looking for a cabinet for all our glasswear for the basement (we have a LOT of drinking glasses!). We found a few hopefuls but weren't prepared to buy (cheques clearing in our account would have been helpful!) but mostly we needed to talk about where the new cabinet would be going.

Today had to be our best day by far. We just had a really good day (this was also my 10% productive day - did a wee bit of cleaning but nowhere near what I had planned!). Also without being all TMI, I am just stoked that this man of mine can make me quiver when I am nowhere near to being in the mood! My exasperation turned to passion pretty damn quick more than once today. Yup I could definitely do with more days like today.

I have no idea how I'm going to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight. My body has decided it likes going to bed around 2am and getting up around 10. It's not too keen on this getting up at 7am. Phbbbt.

A'ight I am going to end this now to pretend that I am getting ready for bed.....hahaha.

10:42 p.m. - 2009-02-16


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