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Money, money, money....itís a rich manís world

Okay is February seriously almost over? How did that happen? Iím quite happy about it, donít get me wrong but man it seemed to zoom by. My March is looking to be a busy month but for some reason I canít wrap my head around the fact that March seems to start this weekend! When I speak of my March plans they seem so far when in reality they are mucho close.

Iíve learned that having a sick hubby at home is much different than having a relatively healthy one at home. Thereís no one getting up with me in the mornings, packing my lunch, starting my car and sending me on my way. I canít say I very much care for it. Last night was the first night he made us dinner and even then I felt bad. I called him as I was leaving the gym to see if he wanted me to pick up anything for dinner (thatís when I learned he made dinner). He asked me to pick up OJ and Iím not proud to admit that I actually considered NOT stopping to pick this up for him! Iím horrible I know. I just was all like Ďugh, I have to stop to pick up ONE thingí? Of course I proceeded to pick up several things Ė all needed so it wasnít wasteful spending. Lord knows we canít afford that these days!

We now have access to all the money in our account but we like to keep it at a certain level so weíre not touching it at all. Need I mention how much this royally sucks? We need to keep a certain amount for unexpected bills or you know...our mortgage! Itís going to be lean times for the next while. Especially with Keith cancelling his route this week and not working next week. SIGH.

Speaking of money. We have 3 days till the guy who owes Keith a few grand is Ďdueí to pay us. I have no idea what to do if he doesnít. I guess we can start with the phone calls but neither Keith nor myself are how shall I say experts in this area. I know he wonít which would leave it up to me. I know I have it in me to call this guy cause heís pissed me off big time by not paying for over a year. I just have to get Keith to get his home number somehow. HEAVE.

Since Iím on a money theme right now, I finally got around to mentioning to T about the money she owes me for Cís present. I hate when people owe me money mostly because I canít ask for it! I just find it so awkward to drop it into normal conversation or basically any conversation. Plus Tís one of those girls who really doesnít think about money and owing people etc. C on the other hand would be all over it and making sure we were even. T was okay with it but she made a comment about Keith and I must really be strapped for money if I remembered she owed me money. Poor darling doesnít realize I have never forgotten that she owes me it. Ah well at least itís out there now so now I can casually bring it up and not feel so awkward!

Speaking of money....guess what Iím doing at lunch? Going out and spending it! How you ask? Credit baby, good olí reliable credit! Not my first choice but it will do in a pinch. I gotta buy my mom a birthday gift for this weekend. Of course I have no idea what to get her but thatís a whole other story! Wish me luck!

***OH and knock on wood but so far I have managed to avoid getting the hubbyís cold/flu bug!!!!

12:05 p.m. - 2009-02-25


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