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Well first things first - Happy St. Pat's day! I am wearing nary a piece of green. I had best intentions to wear my green top but upon trying it on this morning and seeing how it clung oh so seductively to my lovely 'roll' I immediately thew off that top and put on my safe black t-shirt with a splash of pink. I am wearing a clover necklace, as well as a tattoo. I did have a huge striped hat too but that was just smushing my hair down and giving me terrible hat head so I abandoned that early on in the day.

So two days into the 'old' boss being back and yah I am already feeling the ol' blood pressure rise. I really don't want to waste my energy naming all the ways she gets to me and how annoying she is. Let's just say I sent an email to the 'new' old boss and told her how much I missed her and how much it sucks that she's gone. I saw her in the elevator on the way down to break and I jokingly commented it was like seeing an ex for the first time. I miss her. Oh and just to answer 'old' boss is here to stay. She won't be leaving any time soon unless she's 'made to' like last time but I don't see that happening any time soon. Looks like it may be time for me to move on from my position. I've said this before but really it's getting to not be an option anymore. I don't want to start having that pit in my stomach when I go into work.

I wore my new bra today - the flowerly one. I don't like it. It's just as uncomfy as the stripy one. I have no idea what's going on with me. The black one is great and fits perfect - is that the one that is different than the size it's supposed to be? I did cheat though and kept the tags ON my bra today. There were a few uncomfortable moments but it's worth it if I can return it hassle free. I'm thinking I have to go down a size so the fit is better and won't rub me raw.

Tonight after a wonderful dinner (mmmm bbq'd's bbq weather!) Keith and I settled down to watch a recorded show. It was a one hour show. It took us about 2.5 hours to watch it. C called asking if she could come over and stay the night. Keith and I did the quick clean up of the house (sometimes I think it would just be easier to actually keep our house 'visitor clean'). As we sat down after we declared it 'clean enough' C called. For the next half hour or more it was non-stop phone time between C, T and myself. Ah drama. C is still having problems with the hubby. T talked her in to staying home so we didn't have to worry about an overnight guest after all.

Which I guess works out for the best since tomorrow will be switched up enough. Keith and I will be switching cars so he can take mine to get my window tint fixed!!!! I am so psyched! It's gotten so bad. I can't even roll down my window at all because the tint is loose and when the window rolls down the tint rolls back and the window is so sticky that it gets caught and makes this horrible noise. I hope the guy sticks to his quote AND does a good job!

I'm probably not going to go to the gym tomorrow night. I think I'll give my foot a chance to rest. The ankle is actually better, it's the rest of the foot that is actually sore because of the way I've been walking on it. I'm hoping to be able to go to belly dancing Thursday night. We'll see.

A'ight it's off to never never land for moi. G'nite.

10:12 p.m. - 2009-03-17


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