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Have a Hoppy Easter....

I took my blood pressure today for the first time in months. It was high. Um very high. It probably wasn't the wisest idea to take my blood pressure while stressed out and worried about my younger brother who was in surgery at that very moment. Stressed? Maybe.

Yah so my younger brother has kidney stones but I guess it's an infection so they had to go in and put in a stint to drain the infection (or something crazy like that - I can barely understand what's going on with him). Not quite sure why it would take more than 2 hours in surgery but it did.

Needless to say it wasn't the most productive day I've had at work. Not only was I on the phone constantly with my mom getting updates but we also had a 'food feast' at work just because. Everyone on my team brought in a food item and we ate ALL DAY LONG. Seriously it was nuts.

It's only Wednesday but it's been a long week. Monday I was supposed to swim with T after work but I went to the gym and did cardio instead. I did swim with her last night (again after going to the gym!). I got home about an hour later than I had told Keith I would be so he was a little upset with me. I sometimes feel our roles are reversed (he was upset that the dinner he made was cold). Hm. But it was a good swim with T, I got to catch up on all her dating stories. She's been a busy gal.

Today at work T's mom fell while running an errand (work related) and buggered her foot. This just added to the craziness of the day.

So I have 5 days off layed out in front of me. Pretty sweet. 3 of those will be spent with the fam. Tomorrow is free and I have no idea what we'll do. The weather here has been absolutely nuts. Yesterday we were shovelling our way out of the house....we pulled in to the driveway tonight and noted that most of the snow has already melted! There are now only trace amounts. Freakin' crazy. We're heading to my parents on Friday and we'll come back Sunday eve. Keith has to work Monday but I will still be off (woooo!).

Tonight we spontaneously decided to go to a movie - we were going to use our gift certificates but because of the time of the movie we ended up going to a different theatre and actually had to pay - not such a cheap night after all! We saw I Love You, Man. Actually a pretty good movie.

A'ight I am off to post this and finish catching up on the d'land entries - you know it's been an insane week when you don't even have time to read d'land! Happy Easter y'all!

10:45 p.m. - 2009-04-08


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