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Sunday night - boo. Back to work tomorrow but really I shouldn't complain....I mean I didn't go at all last week - yup that's right I called in sick on Friday as well. I felt a wee bit bad about that but then after calling in I slept for another 4 hours so I guess my body needed the rest. Better to wrap up this cold/flu thing and start fresh Monday!

Okay I admit there's a small part of me looking forward to going in to work tomorrow - back to a routine, back to working out yadda yadda. But rest assured if I won the lotto tomorrow I would have no qualms about never going to work again!

Speaking of going back to the gym, I'm at a crossroads with belly dancing. Our instructor has went and got herself a dance studio - no longer will we be practicing in gymnasiums or small rooms in the back of a church. This is good and bad. Bad because now she is going to start focusing on belly dancing and by focusing I mean wanting to make a living at it which means her rates are going up pretty drastically. Although she still likes to claim that her rates are still the lowest around but that doesn't make it any better on my pocketbook. As most of you know I belly dance for fun only. I may get talked into the odd recital but mostly I do it because it's something different and fun and I've gotten to meet some very interesting fun people. The instructor is offering 3 classes - a beginner's, a "Serious" session and a "Fun" session with a little bit of everything in it. Now the fun one is the one I would normally go for but it is also the most expensive. I just don't know. It starts up this week and time is definitely ticking. Of course the catch, for this week, is that I can't make it to the 1st class cause I will be hootin' and hollerin' at Firemen on Thursday night. I can always just do the odd drop in class? I don't know I have to continue to think on this a while.

Still in the realm of the 'gym' category I finally got up the nerve to do a little measuring the other day - of the bod. I had taken measurements mid January I believe and I told myself at the end of April I would do it again. So I did. I kind of lost the original measurements but found them written in a pad today so I compared the two. I'm down about 4.5 inches over all. Not a huge success but I'll take it. I refuse to step on the scale so this is how I have to measure my successes.

Um what else? May is gearing up to be a Way busy month but in a good way. Next weekend is Mom's day so I'll probably head back home to lay the love on my mom. The week after is our long weekend in which we're gonna camp even if there's only a couple of us. Then that following week I am off work and this time legitimitely and not sick! Keith is off too so that should be fun. I think we plan on doing stuff around the house especially yard work - finally going to plant a few gardens - flowers and veggies!

Today we bought a new patio set. Kind of an unexpected purchase. A nice set was on for $200 less than the normal price. The table won us over, it's smoked glass and looks cool. So for the table and 6 chairs it cost us $399 plus tax. We decided to forego the umbrella since we already have one but rarely use it. There was a cheaper set by $50 but it wasn't as nice looking.

We went out to dinner tonight to have my celebration dinner. What celebration dinner you ask? The one that we were supposed to have last Sunday right as the flu took me down. Oh yah we were celebrating my being over the stomach pains and not 'quite' having diabetes! If you don't laugh at yourself.....

Which reminds me, looks like I'll have to book an appointment with the ol' doctor this week to discuss the high bp and impending diabetes. He is SO going to love seeing me!

Well I think that's about it. About 10 minutes ago Keith went ripping upstairs (apparently he heard the doorbell - I didn't). He hasn't been back since. Huh? Oh wait here he comes......just a was a neighbour trying to get us to sign a petition. The city had complaints about all the parking done on the street by people who use the dog park. They are considering putting up signs so you can only park on one side. We're for it since a lot of time our driveway gets blocked in which leaves backing out a real bitch. But this guy was for. As long as we don't get any eggs thrown at our house for not signing.

Alright I am off to watch the Amazing Race!

7:43 p.m. - 2009-05-03


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