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Bedside manner isn't really his 'thing' I'm guessing

Well I think I'm over the worst of my bitterness now. The firemen pics turned out okay and we were able to get them off the camera without incident. Woo! Now I just have to go through the 100 I took and post some of the best on FB. A hard task to be sure but I'm up for it.

So today. I finally went to my doctor's appointment. Er my doctor was mad at me. I called Keith after the appointment and told him, he asked if the doctor was mad that I waited so long to go on meds etc? Not so much, he was pissed that I went to the clinic cause apparently it 'costs' him money - like $30 or something if I go to the clinic when I have a doctor. Whatev. He was pretty pissy with me during the first half of the appointment.

I had the med reports they had photocopied and he was all "yah I've seen them" and pushed them aside. Then he was like, "well you have high blood pressure and diabetes". I just kept agreeing with him although I did get pissy back at him when we spoke of my 'cyst' which again another doctor dismissed! I got a little passionate about how people kept telling me it was 'one of those things' when I could barely get out of bed and walk!

He seemed to calm down after that and even went on to say I don't have diabetes but I do have to watch my diet and see a nutrionist from the diabetes clinic. Sure okay. He then wrote me a prescription for blood pressure meds (woo I'm officially old!) and I left.

I had been already to leave when I remembered I wanted to ask my doctor if he could take Keith on as a patient as he doesn't have a doctor. But seeing his pissiness level with me I didn't ask. However, the receptionist wasn't the bitchy one who was normally manning the desk so I asked the woman who was there. I explained to her that the person who got me in (my ex) was now living out of the province so could I please get my hubby on as a patient and she said yes! It's such a relief to get Keith a doctor. He doesn't seek medical attention very often but now I'll have the piece of mind that if he needs a doctor he'll have one. Maybe I'll suggest he doesn't mention he's married to me to the doctor....he may get a warmer reception!

After the doc's appointment which had me back home in less than an hour (!) I managed to get myself back out the door to the laundromat. I haven't been to one of those in ages but I needed to wash 2 giant comforters.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much spent doing laundry (back at home) and reading outside. It was kind of windy and kept clouding over but I somehow managed to get a sunburn on my arms and chest! Red...not pink. Whoops.

Keith didn't get home till after 5pm luckily we had decided to leave for my parents tomorrow so it wasn't a huge deal. We did our sit around and talk for over an hour thing until we finally got our butts in gear and headed out to get a new battery for the camera (that costed over 50 freakin' bucks!!!) and also grab dinner at our favourite noodle place which is kind of out of the way so we rarely go there anymore. All the patrons are of Asian decent and then there's Keith and I in there ordering our favourite combos - looks funny.

Now I am just finishing the last of our laundry, and will probably pack us an overnight bag. I'm hoping to get on the road at a decent time tomorrow morning so we can arrive around the noon hour.

Alright this has begun to bore even me so I am going to say 'adieu'.

9:57 p.m. - 2009-05-08


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